FEATURE: One Love Manchester proves how vital and important music is!

Normally, we very rarely cover pop acts and performances, with us generally sticking to the areas of rock, punk, and metal and anything that may fall into those genre classifications. But, due to the nature of the event, what it symbolises, and why it came to be, we felt it necessary to write a little something about last night’s One Love Manchester event.

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London metalcore mob Death Remains are back with their brand new record ‘Destroy/Rebuild’ and have brought with them a whole load of inspirations; everything from August Burns Red to Killswitch Engage is covered and even the likes of Korn and Deftones are thrown in. But don’t listen to us – we got each member of the band to pick just one record that inspired them into the band they are today.

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TRICKS OF THE TRADE: Vocals – Alex Terrible (Slaughter To Prevail)

Just over a month ago, British/Russian deathcore mob Slaughter To Prevail released their debut full-length record, ‘Misery Sermon’, as they look to continue the work they started on their acclaimed EP, ‘Chapters Of Misery’. Vocalist Alex Terrible (or, Alex Shikolai) has been a somewhat controversial figure in death metal over the last few years, and the frontman has his own unique style as portrayed in his own tutorial videos.

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TRACK-BY-TRACK: Rival Bones – Rival Bones

The rise of the eclectic and loud two-piece has seen Death From Above 1979 and Royal Blood find huge success but our attention has shifted to Merseyside newcomers Rival Bones. Full of massive riffs compiling everything from heavy metal to stoner rock and a whole load of balls, the Liverpool duo are ready to be the next band to leave music lovers saying “I can’t believe two of them can make that much noise”. To complete the introductions, we got the band to put together a commentary of each track for their debut self-titled EP in our track-by-track rundown.

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TRACK-BY-TRACK: Loathe – The Cold Sun

Last year, enigmatic outfit Loathe were the first band to put out a release via the SharpTone Records imprint with the re-issue of their debut EP, ‘Prepare Consume Proceed’, which, over the coming months, managed to build an almost cult following for the band nice and early in their careers. Their blend of crushing metal verging at times into djent territory with the odd subtle sprinkling of electronics and some ambiguous dark concepts proved to be a winning formula.

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If you like the sound of Nasty and Malevolence mixed with Rage Against The Machine then you’ve come to the right place – brand new groove/rap metal/hardcore band All At Sea are dropping their brand new EP ‘Systemised’ on May 12th and it’s crushingly heavy. We grabbed the band and got them to each pick a record that inspired them into becoming the musician they are today.

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5 Bands To Watch At Warped Tour! As Chosen By Silent Planet

If you like La Dispute and Touché Amoré and like the heaviness that the tech metal scene brings then Silent Planet are an essential band for you to check out. The band are back on Warped Tour again this summer and are excited to be back for the full run this time:

“We saw last year as a test, both for us and the festival, to see how Warped Tour and Silent Planet would mesh. If I’m being honest, we were surprised to see how well this all worked and the values we share with the fest. Being able to do this on a new stage (Monster Mutant Stage) is a neat surprise for us.”

We got the the guys to pick out 5 bands they’re looking forward to seeing on Warped Tour this summer.

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We’re putting the spotlight on the hottest and most exciting new bands around with a brand new Introducing feature, ready to highlight the artists with the biggest potential to make an impact on their scene. This time, we’re taking a look at Leeds newcomers Weirds who are preparing for the release of their debut record ‘Swarmculture’, which is out on May 12th via Alcopop! Records. We caught up with guys to talk about their formation, influences and their upcoming tour with The Wytches.


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We’re putting the spotlight on the hottest and most exciting new bands around with a brand new Introducing feature, ready to highlight the artists with the biggest potential to make an impact on their scene. We’re taking a look at Bedford newcomers SEASONS who are two EPs in and throwing singles out left, right and centre preparing for the year ahead. The band let us know about their plans and what’s happening in their local scene.


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Basick Records have a habit of giving us ear crushingly heavy bands, so here we are once again; step up Bear. The Belgian math metallers are back with album number three (hence ‘///’), and are more distorted and demonic than ever before. Fans of Meshuggah and The Dillinger Escape should be all over this, and as a sneak peak into the thoughts behind the band, we’ve got a track-by-track rundown of ‘///’ by the dudes themselves.

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