HIT THE DECK 2011 PREVIEW: While She Sleeps

With a superbly received mini-album, ‘The North Stands For Nothing’, and a fastly rising fanbase, Sheffield’s While She Sleeps are becoming one of the strongest buzz bands of the UK in the run up to their debut full-length. With their new single ‘Be(lie)ve’ keeping their fan expectations high, their set at Hit The Deck is only going to strengthen this further. We had a chat with vocalist Lawrence Taylor to get his take on what the festival will bring:

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HIT THE DECK 2011 PREVIEW: The Blackout

With album number three ‘Hope’ hitting the shelves earlier this month, Welsh sextet The Blackout have been busy on a headline tour across the UK. Coming to the end of it all, the band are subheadlining the main Monster Energy stage at Hit The Deck Festival this year. We got in touch with vocalist Gavin Butler to talk about their upcoming festival appearance and their new record:

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Rap and rock are two genres that have combined into a reasonably strong hyrbid over the years, sometimes more successful than others. New innovator of this genre combination Hyro Da Hero has just released his debut album ‘Birth, School, Work, Death’ along with featuring on The Blackout‘s latest single ‘Higher & Higher’, and is confident he’s going onto bigger and better things, with a set at this year’s Hit The Deck Festival being just one of them:

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HIT THE DECK 2011 PREVIEW: Underoath

Headlining this year’s Hit The Deck Festival is none other than post-hardcore giants Underoath, who released their stellar new album ‘Ø (Disambiguation)’ last November (or April 4th if you’re going by the UK release date), the first with no remaining founding members. As one of the biggest post-hardcore exports from the US, we had a chat with vocalist Spencer Chamberlain about their upcoming Hit The Deck performance:

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Bands of just female members in the alternative rock scene are a rarity to come by, and Oxford’s latest new breed Evarose are the latest addition to this area of hard to come by treasures. After only forming as early as 2010, the band have already release an EP, ‘Creation Divide’, and are now one of the opening bands for this year’s Hit The Deck Festival. We spoke to vocalist Dannika Webber and drummer Robyn Griffith about how they’re feeling about it:

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HIT THE DECK 2011 PREVIEW: Devil Sold His Soul

London ambient metal kings Devil Sold His Soul are playing the We The Brave Clothing stage in the Stealth venue as sub-headliners, just below Sylosis. With their full-length ‘Blessed & Cursed’ receiving the number 1 position in our top albums of 2010 charts, these guys are highly recommended to catch of at Hit The Deck if you can. We had a little interview with Paul Kitney (synth) in the run-up to the show:

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SICK SWAG!: Big Deal Clothing

Everyone knows that after the huge surge in popularity with Drop Dead Clothing, the amount of people trying to recreate the company’s success by setting up and running their own alternative clothing companies. Needless to say, most of these were complete flops and failed within the first few months of their existence, but some perservered much longer, and even a slight few managed to survive and are still running strong today. One of these success stories is Michael Douglass (or Dougie if he’s your mate) and his line, Big Deal Clothing.

With 2010 consisting of the brand setting up stalls and selling at high profile festivals like Ghostfest and Hevy, and tours alongside sponsored bands Bury Tomorrow and Shadows Chasing Ghosts, constant shoots from Marianne Harris, and not to mention features in magazines like FRONT and the brand being sold in stores around Europe, we wanted to learn more about the story with Big Deal and where it all began. We caught up with founder and main man Dougie to find out his story, his plan for success, and where he hopes 2011 is going to take the company:

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2011 is undoubtedly going to be bringing us lots of new exciting bands and artists, aswell as bringing some already existing acts into the light of recognition that they so rightfully deserve with all their hardwork and upcoming releases. Here’s just a select few acts we think are going to play a significant part this year:

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ALBUMS OF 2010: Matt Jones’ (Martyr Defiled) top 15!

Nottingham’s Martyr Defiled released their debut full-length ‘Collusion’ in September this year, and it’s an absolute stormer. We thought that so much so that it made it into our site’s official top 15 albums of the year, and we also thought we’d ask vocalist Matt Jones to share with us what music has made his 2010 so brilliant:

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ALBUMS OF 2010: Harry Radford’s (Yashin) top 10!

Glasgow six-piece Yashin had a pretty hectic year. The band finally released their debut full-length record ‘Put Your Hands Where I Can See Them’ which received great feedback from both fans and critics, played several support and headline tours, made an appearance at the Vans “Off The Wall” Music Night in Manchester, and finished it all off supporting Emarosa across the UK. The only non-Scottish member Harry Radford decided to share with us what he felt were the 10 best releases of the year which gave their band their first solid steps; 2010:

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