Back in the early 00s, there was a little genre called nu-metal. Some of you may remember this genre’s peak and others may be completely oblivious, but nu-metal was HUGE! Despite the genre dying a few years later – almost as rapidly as it was born into the mainstream – resulting in many of its acts (including its forerunners) needing to adapt to avoid fading away, yet some acts are still around today and are bigger and stronger than they’ve ever been. One of said bands is Deftones.

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SICK SWAG!: Time Will Tell Clothing

If you’re a regular reader of FRONT Magazine, you’ll have no doubt come across the name Time Will Tell on a few occassions. This very new clothing line is less than a year old, and yet it’s managed to gain a level of popularity that many can take a few years to obtain. With a slight tattoo kind of look and vibe about most of their merch designs and several products under their belt, ranging from tees, jumpers and tote bags, things will only be going up and up for the brand. Great support for the bands they choose to sponsor is great factor to their early success too, so we chatted with co-founder Hannah Barnett about almost everything since the brand’s inception in March:

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CLASSIC RECORD: Nirvana – Nevermind

Last week marked the 20th anniversary of the release of one of the most influential rock albums of all time: ‘Nevermind’ by Nirvana. Boasting huge anthems and classic tracks such as ‘Breed’, ‘Lithium’, ‘Come As You Are’, ‘Drain You’ and of course ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’, the album undeniably boosted the Seattle misfits into super stardom and changed the face of music ever since.

Without Nirvana, and especially the release of ‘Nevermind’, many of today’s most popular rocks acts may not be around today at all, and the shape of music as we know it could’ve been completely different. We asked a few of today’s rising rock stars what they remember from ‘Nevermind’, what the album means to them and what their favourite track is from the record.

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TRACK-BY-TRACK: The Hype Theory – Glory Days

Following a crazy once in a lifetime Summer of playing a selection of the UK’s biggest music festivals thanks to the guys at Red Bull Bedroom Jam (you can see what they did here), Essex pop-punk outfit The Hype Theory may not have been the winners of this year’s competition, but they’re definitely the first to get a full-length album out, entitled ‘Glory Days’. With the release fastly approaching, we got a hold of lovely front lady Katy Jackson by the scruff of her neck to share with us what the tracks are all about and how everything came together:

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SICK SWAG!: BLVD. Clothing

It’s not very often that a clothing line draws heavy influence from fashion trends of the past, but newly developed BLVD. Clothing who set up for sales as early as a few months ago now have managed to set quite an impression fast, with their modern take on American fashion gone by. With their brand delivering jackets, hats and cardigans aswell as the traditional t-shirt, we had a little talk with founder Sam Lockett to find out the source of his inspiration for the designs, how he’s feeling about the quickly received success and what the rest of 2011 has in store for BLVD. fans:

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CLUB NIGHT: Propaganda (Manchester)

City: Manchester
Venue: Moho Live
Night: Saturday (10:00PM – 3:30:AM)
Website: www.thepropaganda.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/propagandaclub
Twitter: www.twitter.com/propagandaclub

Originally starting out in Bristol, the Propaganda club nights have expanded and branched out to several other cities across the UK, including Manchester. Set in the Moho Live venue within the city centre, a venue originally set up for gigs of bands from across many genres, it’s a nice adaptation and change from the mosh pits aplenty to avid clubbers.

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TRACK-BY-TRACK: Chthonic – Takasago Army

Taiwan isn’t a usual origin for death metal for us over in the UK, but be assured that it’s there, and Chthonic are ensuring that we get a taste of it for ourselves with their recent visit over here for their slot at this year’s Download Festival. Prior ro that, the Taiwanese hard-hitters dropped their latest bludgeoner ‘Takasago Army’, and vocalist Freddy Lim has decided to share with us the background behind the record and its tracks:

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TOUR DIARY: POLAR. Headline Tour – (03/07/2011 – 06/07/2011)

Coming up to the final few shows of their tour, POLAR. are making sure that their first ever headline tour across the UK is one they’re not going to forget. Keeping their entries for an exclusive tour diary for us, the boys fill us in on their happenings at their Manchester, Edinburghand Telford shows along with a alcohol filled day off in the Lake District, ensuring the on-road carnage doesn’t stop at any moment:

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TOUR DIARY: POLAR. Headline Tour – (30/06/2011 & 01/07/2011 & 02/07/2011)

As the tour goes on, so does the carnage. The hardcore boys in POLAR. are well into their first ever headline tour now, this time hitting up Margate, Rotherham and Ipswich on their travels. The band fill us in on the three dates of the tour with their goings on, which this time includes the outfit chowing down on delicacies like battered pizza, a night out in Derby due to the Rotherham date needing to be unavoidably cancelled, and the band members deciding to title themselves the “Euro Hunks”:

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TOUR DIARY: POLAR. Headline Tour – (28/06/2011 & 29/06/2011)

Properly into their first ever headline UK tour, young hardcore outfit POLAR. are beginning to finally affirm themselves as a solid band before their debut full-length comes into the public eye. With their stops over at Hastings and Brighton, the band have to tackle extreme heat whilst performing, explain how they’re feeling on this tour, and meeting a local weirdo:

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