HIT THE DECK 2012 PREVIEW: Arse Full Of Chips

With a band having a name like Arse Full Of Chips who describe themselves as a “Nottingham party band” and their genre as “Ska Comedy Drunk”, there’s only so much you can begin to imagine from the trio who will be playing in their home city of Nottingham at this year’s Hit The Deck Festival. As such, we had a chat with frontman Will Bailey to talk about the group, and what exactly there is to expect from their set on the day:

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With only one EP under their belt to date, it’s surreal to think of how much buzz is surrounding Surrey based noise merchants POLAR., a buzz that’s stronger than ever with the recent news of debut ‘Iron Lungs’ hitting stores. We spoke with the guys in the run up to their set at this year’s Hit The Deck Festival, just to see whether the hype is deserved or not:

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HIT THE DECK 2012 PREVIEW: Bury Tomorrow

Bury Tomorrow have become one of the most loved British metalcore bands since the release of their debut album ‘Portraits’ back in 2009, and with constant touring and festival slots dotted here and there, the hunger from fans for album number two is almost unfathomable. So, with news of new album ‘The Union Of Crowns’ dropping in summer and their set at Hit The Deck on the way, we spoke with bassist Davyd Bates to get the lowdown:

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HIT THE DECK 2012 PREVIEW: Mallory Knox

Following the release of their debut EP ‘Pilot’ last year, alt rockers Mallory Knox have been a band people have been keeping their eyes on, and following the success of a collection of tour support slots, anticipation for their full-length is undeniably high. We spoke with bassist Sam Douglas about the aforementioned and more in the run up to their slot at this year’s Hit The Deck Festival:

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Tipped as one of the favourite up-and-comers taking part in this year’s Red Bull Bedroom Jam competition, Violet are one of the lesser known acts who are appearing at this year’s Hit The Deck Festival. Still, the hype pushing this band along lately is pretty strong. We decided to speak with bassist Liam Westnidge about their festival appearance, their new ‘The Brightside’ EP and more:

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Following what’s been a great breakthrough year for the British pop-punk outfit Decade, and with 2012 looking the same way after the success of their new self-titled EP – which got an impressive position on the iTunes chart upon its release – it’s only a matter of time before they explode. With their appearance at this year’s Hit The Deck Festival approaching fast, we spoke with vocalist Alex Sears about a few things:

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TRACK-BY-TRACK: Next Stop Atlanta – The Things You Do Best

America has always been considered the place that does pop-punk right and with justice, with very few British bands able to pull it off and stand strong against our transatlantic peers. However, from the surprising depths of the Preston underground, female-fronted quartet Next Stop Atlanta are flying the flag proud for the UK’s pop-punk scene. With a new mini-album out a few short weeks ago, we got the lowdown on the release and each track from the band’s vocalist Georgia Peters. Here it is:

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SICK SWAG: Danse Macabre Clothing

Relaunching a brand after a lengthy hiatus is a very risky move: you don’t really know if things will soar or completely flop. A truely dedicated fanbase and successful business venture is the difference between failure and success, and it seems Danse Macabre Clothing must have one or both of these qualities with the resurge after coming back to the scene last month. Following this success, we spoke with co-founder Daneel Johnstone about how the brand began, the idea behind its horror and gore ideas and what’s planned for its future:

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TRACK-BY-TRACK: Hopes Die Last – Trust No One

Quickly becoming one of Italy’s hottest new exports, post-hardcore quintet Hopes Die Last are at the doorstep of releasing their sophomore full-length effort, ‘Trust No One’, via Standby Records. Bringing a far more finely-tuned sound and refining themselves strongly after the band’s debut ‘Six Years Home’, we caught up with frontman Daniele Tofani to talk us through the album track-by-track, discussing lyrical ideas and more:

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Though many bands may disband or die out for one reason or another, one thing that should never be forgotten is their contribution to the music world and what they’ve done to help influence the new generation of bands that compose our music tastes as of late. Along with current bands for our Getting Into feature, we cannot forget those who are no longer around for whatever reason and who better to mention than Reuben, a band who’ve influenced some of Britain’s brightest new hopes like Lower Than Atlantis and Don Broco. Read on to learn more about the history of the band, their demise, the possibility of a reformation and how you can still get into a band who are on a hiatus:

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