ALBUMS OF 2010: Harry Radford’s (Yashin) top 10!

Glasgow six-piece Yashin had a pretty hectic year. The band finally released their debut full-length record ‘Put Your Hands Where I Can See Them’ which received great feedback from both fans and critics, played several support and headline tours, made an appearance at the Vans “Off The Wall” Music Night in Manchester, and finished it all off supporting Emarosa across the UK. The only non-Scottish member Harry Radford decided to share with us what he felt were the 10 best releases of the year which gave their band their first solid steps; 2010:

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ALBUMS OF 2010: Trey Tremain (Shadows Chasing Ghosts) top 15!

With a great album in ‘The Golden Ratio’ coming from London post-hardcore outfit Shadows Chasing Ghosts, we got a hold of vocalist Trey Tremain to see if he thought 2010 had been a good year for music. Turns out he did, so much so that with his list of top 15 albums he didn’t know how to rank them, so here they are in alphabeticaly order instead:

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ALBUMS OF 2010: Marianne Harris’ top 15!

Photographer Marianne Harris shoots bands on an almost daily basis, whether that be for promo shoots or during some live shows. With this in mind she’s always open to new music as it comes, so we thought we’d find out what has been rocking her 2010, so here’s her list of her 15 favourite albums of the year. She couldn’t quite decide which one deserves which position though, so here they are in alphabetical order of the artist/band name instead:

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2010 has brought us hundreds and hundreds of release; some amazing, and some terrible. It’s been hard, but we’ve managed to crack and narrow down what we feel have been the best 15 albums released over the past 12 months, from the big established acts to bands just getting their name out there. You may agree or disagree with some, and maybe even all of the albums and their positions on the chart, but everyone has their own opinion:

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EVENT: Bizarre Ball 2010 (Manchester)

Bizarre Magazine; a magazine known for its outlandish content and features, and even if the publication is unknown to you the name pretty much says it all. With common topics featuring fetishes, bondage, burlesque, gothic culture, injuries and mutilation to name but a few, you can rest assure that their annual ball celebrations aren’t going to be your normal night out. Winter 2010 marks its first visit outside of London, with a second date in the UK’s Northern capital, Manchester.

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EXCLUSIVE: My Passion Tour Blog – Week #1: Irishland

After weeks of rehearsing with the new line-up Ireland is finally upon us. We’ve been sitting in practice rooms for the last few weeks working as the new five piece with Jonathan taking up live synths and showing off some superb guitar shredding. Jamie has come in on drums dramatically increasing our buff and tattooed percentage! Things are feeling really fresh again and we’re playing lots of the new tracks from the forthcoming album. Jonathan‘s done a mega job bringing older tracks like ‘Crazy & Me’, ‘Day Of The Bees’ and ‘Thanks For Nothing’ up to the level of sound found in new tracks. These songs have had a new lease of life and I think they will have people bouncing off the walls live.

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EXCLUSIVE: Kurt Travis speaks out about leaving DGD and his future!

A few weeks ago online music magazines across the Internet were all fanatically pumping out huge news about Sacramento’s Dance Gavin Dance reenlisting their original vocalist Jonny Craig (currently also in Emarosa). Fans thoughts and opinions were mixed, creating a flurry of opinions on this big move, especially with the series of member changes that took place for the few years previous to this news.

Now ex-vocalist Kurt Travis was slightly put in the backseat of this news, described in many sources as “leaving” the group with little to no more information after this, especially from the man himself. Avoiding too much presence on the Internet’s avenue of social networking sites and music news outlets, no word of Kurt left an unsettling and unconfirmed aura of what really went on with the whole member and band shifts. We here at DEAD PRESS! thought we’d try and get to the bottom of this, and get in touch with Kurt to display his side of the story, not only as an outlet for himself but also to inform fans.

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SICK SWAG!: Cupcake Cuties

Along with a scene suffocating with several bands riding along another’s jetstream, not bringing anything new or refreshing to the table and basically acting as an often weaker immitator and recreator, the alternative fashion scene is also suffering from a similar problem. Ever since Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes‘ brand Drop Dead exploded in its early days many planned to follow suit, creating gore and similar themed clothing to sell to the masses. Some survived, but many failed and disbanded before getting anywhere.

Cupcake Cuties are newbies in the market, but the difference is they’re bringing something less gore and hardcore orientated, and more focused on stuff like bakers and cakes?! We at DEAD PRESS! were intrigued to the point where we thought we’d have a little chat with founder Dominic Gregory, because what exactly makes a cupcake cutie is interesting to say the least.

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OUR DAY OUT!: Manchester, McDonalds & Mickles

Date: April 13th, 2010
Location: Manchester, UK

Zach Redrup
Paul Smith

Brief Description:
Upon deciding on attending a gig by a selection of bands generally despised by writers Paul Smith and Zach Redrup, the two decide to attend and review the show together with the first ever duo-reviewed DEAD PRESS! attended show. Zach wrote the more professional and ‘proper’ review, and Paul… well… he wrote it in a more informal and chatty kind of way, and even went to describe the happenings of the whole day. This people is their day out!

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WHERE TO BE!: Ghostfest 2010

Event: Ghostfest 2010
Location: Leeds University, UK
Date: June 26th – 27th
Time: 1.00pm – 11.00pm (1.00am for after parties)

Current line-up: Gallows, Devil Sold His Soul, Knuckle Dust, The Seventh Cross, Lower Than Atlantis, More Than Life, The Eyes Of A Traitor, Ingested, TRC, Throats, Bleed From Within… and many more still to be announced!

Interviewee: Mike Jones (co-founder/promoter)
Interviewer: Zach Redrup

Website: None available
MySpace: www.myspace.com/ghostfest

No profile currently available

In music world, summer is all about going as many great fucking festivals that you can afford to go to. Whilst most of the big momma’s of festivals are outdoors over the weekend for around £100+ for tickets, Ghostfest is situated indoors at the Leeds University for a whole weekend of amazing acts… all for just £20 a day or £30 a weekend. What a bargain! Since starting in 2005 it’s been a host to many amazing bands, and with what’s been revealed so far it looks like 2010’s festival will be no different. DEAD PRESS! decided to get in touch with co-founder and promoter Mike Jones to talk about this year’s event, how it all began, and a few tips for those of you who are looking into starting a festival of your own.

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