TRACK-BY-TRACK: Pariso – Nothing Beyond, Everything After

After vocalist Mario “Mazz” Gambardella took a brief break from the band to go travelling across the world, London’s Pariso returned back into the studio all guns blazing to release their recent brilliant full-length, ‘Nothing Beyond, Everything After’. With such passion and aggression held within a record that seemingly had a quick turnaround upon Mazz‘s return into the fixture, we spoke with the frontman and fellow bandmates Alex Fitzpatrick and Stuart Anderson to get to the core of how the release came to be. They shared with us the meaning behind the record’s title, the tribulations behind its creation, the meaning behind each and every track and much, much more.

So, make yourself a drink, sit down and learn more about Pariso and ‘Nothing Beyond, Everything After’ than first meets the eyes/ears:

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SLAM DUNK 2012 PREVIEW: Marmozets

Yorkshire terriers Marmozets are living proof that you age doens’t really matter when it comes to rocking the fuck out. Easily one of, if not the youngest band to be performing at this year’s Slam Dunk Festival, the band’s catalogue also composes of some of the most technical soundwaves the festival will be seeing this year too. We spoke with guitarist Sam Macintyre about the festival set, how he would class their genre and style, why you should catch their set and more:

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Despite what many people may think, rap isn’t all about bragging about yo’ money, yo’ bitches, yo’ cars, yo’ house and yo’ bling; some rap artists actually create fun and innovative songs with a lot of clever witticisms about almost anything. MC Lars is one rapper which fits in such a bracket, who has delivered upon the world songs about Guitar Hero, the emo genre, Edgar Allen Poe literature and a lot more. With the release of his first ‘Greatest Hits’ album on the way and a set at this year’s Slam Dunk Festival too, we spoke with the man about his release, his festival set and what we can expect from him this year:

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GETTING INTO: Marilyn Manson

Though not as revered or as feared as he once was back in his glory days of the mid 90s/early 00s, Marilyn Manson‘s impression on the face of music and their controversial image and messages (more so over in America than over here in the UK) are undeniable. Originally starting out under the name of Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids, later changing and shortening their name to simply Marilyn Manson, the band and the frontman himself are still to this day household names and their sound is instantly recognisable. From the heavy as a whale bass lines, the gritty industrial metal embodiments, the glam rock influences and Manson’s trademark croaky vocals, they set a benchmark for shock rock.

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SLAM DUNK 2012 PREVIEW: Taking Back Sunday

The past year for Taking Back Sunday has been more than crazy for the band. Along with reforming to their 2002 line-up from their debut album ‘Tell All Your Friends’ and performing a main stage slot at last year’s Reading/Leeds Festival, they also released their latest self-titled album to rave reviews across the board. Now, this year, they’re headlining the UK’s Slam Dunk Festival. So, what better time to chat to them? We spoke with bassist Shaun Cooper to see how they feel about headlining such a great festival, future plans and more:

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The combination of electronica and heavy music is one that’s hard to master; it either comes across as cheesy, over indulgent, boring or lacking balance in both elements of the sound. Finally, three albums in, I See Stars seem to have honed the craft, as displayed with new record ‘Digital Renegade’. With a set confirmed at this year’s Slam Dunk Festival, we spoke with lead singer Devin Oliver to see why we need to catch their performance, upcoming plans and more:

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SLAM DUNK 2012 PREVIEW: Say Anything

Though perhaps not in the top contenders of the genre, Say Anything are still a rather unique offering in terms of what pop-punk has to offer today. Though latest full-length ‘Anarchy, My Dear’ was leaked more than a month ahead of its release date, the album has still received some notable success. We had a chat with frontman Max Bemis about the record, how they’re looking forward to their set at Slam Dunk Festival and more:

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SLAM DUNK 2012 PREVIEW: Every Time I Die

The release of Every Time I Die‘s latest record ‘Ex Lives’ earlier this year marked one of the most anticipated releases that 2012 is to see. Following its release the album received many rave reviews across the board, and as such their inclusion on this year’s Slam Dunk Festival is more than welcomed. Vocalist Keith Buckley spoke with us to let us know why you should make sure you check out their set, his thoughts on ‘Ex Lives’ and more:

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SLAM DUNK 2012 PREVIEW: The Word Alive

This year’s Slam Dunk Festival has decided to mould and create a notably heavier line-up than it has ever done before, and one of the more heavier offering’s on the 2012 bill is The Word Alive, a band who’ve recently declared news of their new album, titled ‘Life Cycles’. We got a hold of frontman Tyler “Telle” Smith to talk about their festival appearance later this month, what to expect from the new album and more:

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One thing that Slam Dunk Festival has managed to do year after year is introduce band new overseas bands to the UK audience that otherwise might not have been heard before, at least not in the near future. One of these bands playing this year’s festival is Los Angeles rockers It Boys!, who’ll be making their UK debut at these shows. We spoke with frontman Matt Cutt to talk about what they’re expecting, why we should catch their set and more:

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