FEATURE: 50 albums that turn 10 in 2016!

At the moment, it’s looking like 2016 is going to be a great year in terms of new albums, with a handful of huge bangers already out there and many more undoubted hits confirmed to be hitting out ears in the next few months. It’s also important to look back every so often, and it just turns out that a decade ago in 2006 was a great year for albums too.

Of course there are hundreds, but we filtered together 50 great albums that turn 10-years-old this year to remember those modern classics, accompanied with streams to bring ourselves a massive hit of euphoric nostalgia.

NOTE: These albums may bring intense levels and high frequencies of smiles, jumping, involuntary head nodding/banging and limb movements, and uncontrollable happiness.

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Bands are always on the listen out for creative ideas and influences, and all kind of inspiration that they can incorporate into the music that they make. Everyone has a story of when they listened to that record that changed their life and in a lot of cases – why they decided to start to pick up an instrument. We’re setting out to talk to your favourite bands about who inspires what they do and what goes into their music.

Leeds newcomers Values came together from previous projects Anchored By Avarice and Portraits and are already about to release their first EP ‘Broken Nation’, after less than a year of playing together. Their new blend of melodic hardcore is raising eyebrows throughout the music industry, so we wanted to catch their thoughts about all the bands that make them who they are.

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So much goes into a band’s style, persona and sound – and they music they listen to can make a big impact into the creative direction they choose. Delving into the minds of the musicians you look up to can help understand how they’ve reached the position they are in now and why they’ve ended up there. We’re setting out to talk to your favourite bands about who inspires what they do and what goes into their music.

Bellevue Days

It’s difficult to find someone who isn’t raving about Bellevue Days at the moment and 2016 is starting to look like it’s going to be a big year for them – so Dead Press! got in touch with the Croydon four piece to find out which bands have inspired them to be the band they are today.

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GETTING INTO: Victory Records, As Chosen by High Hopes

Victory Records

Chicago-based Victory Records has been a crucial platform for rock, emo, ska and metalcore bands since it’s creation back in 1989. Releasing albums by all kinds of bands from Hatebreed to Hawthorne Heights, the record label has remained relevant and prominent in the music scene for over two decades despite having very public legal disputes with the likes of Streetlight Manifesto and more recently A Day To Remember. Victory currently boast to have the likes of Comeback Kid and Terror on the books, and as of October 2015, Reading metalcore mob High Hopes have joined the roster to put out their second record ‘Sights and Sounds’ on February 5th. We managed to grab the new signings and to celebrate their new deal – and have all 5 members pick their individual favourite album from the Victory Records back catalogue and tell us what it means to them.

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TRACK-BY-TRACK: Catch Fire – The Distance I Am From You

“As cliché as it sounds, we just want to play our music to as many people as possible before we keel over and die,” grins Tim Bell, guitarist of Nottingham quintet Catch Fire, a posi pop-punk proposition formed earlier this year from the ashes of local heroes, Layby; “We have a burning desire to write and play music. It’s really as simple as that. I don’t think any of us can see ourselves doing anything other than this.” Debut E.P ‘The Distance I Am From You’ boasts bangers such as infectious as lead single and future floor filler, ‘Bad Behaviour’, and the soaring, emo-tinged ‘Anaesthetic’, alongside 2 further tracks. Here, drummer Ash gives context to the offering and a taster of what you can expect, track by track…

Catch Fire album

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TRACK-BY-TRACK: Some Skeletons – Vigils

Nottingham rockers Some Skeletons have found plenty of new admirers thanks to their inventive Snapchat-inspired video for their alternative rock track ‘On The Rocks’ that follows the band singing along while they go about their daily routines – all caught on the mobile app. The single is taken from their debut album ‘Vigils’ and we managed to get ahold of the guys to break down the emotional record and find out the stories behind it.


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FEATURE: 50 Bands To Look Out For In 2016!

Whether you’re looking for a brand new band to blow you away, or looking forward to one of your favourite bands releasing an eagerly awaited follow-up, we’ve got you covered as we pick out 50 bands to watch out for throughout the course of 2016. So, grab a seat, get comfy, and delve into our list below for the absolute best of rock, punk, hardcore, metal, indie, emo, and everything inbetween, to find out exactly who you should be checking out this year and why.

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TOP 10 ALBUMS OF 2015!

A whole year of music has been hitting our inboxes, our ears, and, in some cases, even our hearts. Literally hundreds of albums are released week after week, and though in the whole scheme of things we only got a small snapshot of everything that has been put out, we get a big chunk of it from across the UK, Europe, America and beyond.

However, we’ve pulled in all of our thoughts, opinions, loves and hates, and managed to bring in what we feel have been the best 10 albums and best 5 EPs throughout the whole of the year, and ones that (if you haven’t already) you should be getting shoved down your ears on a regular basis, and as soon as possible too.

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FEATURE: 12 Days Of Rockmas

Christmas is just around the corner, but then again, if the shops are anything to go by it’s been “just around the corner” since fucking September. By now, you’re no doubt infuriated by the 2001 tracklist of ‘Now That’s What I Call Christmas!’ that’s been constantly blasting away for the last… forever, and quite frankly, we are too. 

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TRACK-BY-TRACK: Stand Alone – Stand Alone EP

Using their frustration and life experiences as a writing tool, Stand Alone have arrived with plenty to say in their angst filled melodic hardcore. The London-based band emotionally explore abandonment, grief and political agendas with an angry charisma packed with metal riffs and punk attitude. The guys talked us through their self-titled debut EP and how they’re encouraging their fans to bare their souls, hearts and minds just as they have.

Stand Alone

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