Credit: Marco Teixeira

If you’re into balls to the wall hardcore like Madball, Deez Nuts, and Stamping Ground then you’ll want to check out the unpretentious tunes of PUSH! who are preparing to release their third record ‘Dark Dive’.

The Lisbon band are excellently combining new school hardcore with old school metal and have played shows with the likes of Brutality Will Prevail and Sworn Enemy but have yet to tour much outside of Spain and Portugal. We caught up with the band and got each member to choose a band that inspired them and three of their favourite songs as they look ahead to their new tour cycle and where 2019 will take them.


As chosen by Ricardo Servo (Guitar)

One – The first song I ever listened to by Metallica.
Carousel – The solo at the beginning makes the song intro fuckin’ heavy!
Motorbreath – The lyrics are insane!


As chosen by André Paiva (Bass)

Dammit – The first punk song I ever listened to.
No Remorse – The bass intro is from another world!
Waggy – This is my favourite song from my favourite album ‘Dude Ranch’.


As chosen by Ricardo Aleixo (Drums)

Refuse/Resist – The title says everything.
Territory – This album from 1993 talked about a lot of stuff that still happens in today’s world.
Propaganda – Fake news, media manipulation. The lyrics talk a lot of truth.


As chosen by Roberto Cebolas (Guitar)

March Of The Fire Ants – The initial riff inspired me in a lot of ways.
Blood And Thunder – My favourite song from ‘Leviathan’.
Sleeping Giant – The “space” sonority on this is insane, and they continued making more stuff like this.


As chosen by Nuno Cruz (Vocals)

Forever And A Day – Favourite song from ‘Ignition’ when I was eleven or twelve years old and it changed the way I saw music.
Genocide – Favourite song from ‘Smash’, this whole album is insane and this song always gives me the chills.
The Meaning Of Life – Favourite song from ‘Ixnay on the Hombre’, the lyrics are THE TRUTH : “Open wide and swallow their meaning of life, I can’t make it work your way, Thanks but no thanks.”

PUSH!‘s new album ‘Dark Dive’ is out February 8th and you can preorder it from various outlets here.

You can keep up-to-date with the band online over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.