If you’re into garage rock or indie/alternative guitar music then JPNSGRLS need to be on your playlist immediately; think Arctic Monkeys being aggressive mixed with Hot Hot Heat and Franz Ferdinand hooks and you’ll be about half way there. The Canadian band are about to drop their second record ‘Divorce’ and we managed to catch up with frontman Charlie Kerr to find out which records inspire him when writing.


When I was 11-years old, I played rhythm guitar in a five piece Beatles cover band and we did a three song set at a bar in Vancouver, called Richards on Richards. I was raised on The Beatles and they are my favourite band to this day. They feel more like witches or aliens or time-travellers than ordinary men, what they managed to create and revolutionize and evolve in their short run is nothing less than a magical feat. I could’ve chosen any record by them but “The White Album” is just so fucking creative and risky. For the record, John continues to be my favourite, by a landslide. He paved the way for us sarcastic and miserable songwriters of today, who wanted to scream about shit that bothered them. Sidenote: Graham’s favourite is Ringo and Chris’ favourite is George and Colton’s is Paul.


I can’t say enough good things about this album. I’ve had it on repeat for nearly four years now. First of all, the pictures he paints with his not-so-perfect voice are so refreshing in the era of everything being pitch corrected and automated for radio play. But, beyond that, his song-writing is just world class. On his recordings, he somehow manages to have a disaffected swagger and a heart on the sleeve tenderness embedded in nearly every line. Long-story-short, he made me feel not gross about being called a ‘singer-songwriter’.


By far, my favorite songwriter and performer of this generation. This album made me realise that good, unique, lyrics are not a dying art. The song ‘I Went To The Store One Day’ is so fucking brilliant, it hurts my head.


Annie Clark writes the sexiest and craziest melodies and guitar parts. Everything she does on this album blows my mind. She’s got that David Byrne/David Bowie level of creative mad scientist thing going on. The first time I heard ‘Cruel’ and ‘Surgeon’ I wanted to throw out everything I have ever done creatively and start again.


There is always a lot of noise about rock and roll, and guitar music being on it’s way out, or even dead or whatever but I think that people just don’t know where to look and they are being force-fed the same rock bands with the same tired rock producers and if they branched off and listened to The Dirty Projectors they would be pleasantly surprised with where rock could be headed. Unpredictable, dangerous, sexy, unorthodox and deliberately overwhelming at times. They are the most exciting band to listen to. It is an ongoing goal of mine to write a song that David Longstreth and Amber Coffman would be into. The closest I have come to achieving that goal is a new song on ‘Divorce’ called ‘A Comprehensive List Of Things I Love’.

JPNSGRLS’s brand new album ‘Divorce’ is released on July 22nd through Light Organ Records. Make sure you follow the band on online via Facebook (here) and Twitter (here).