ALBUM: Weirds – Swarmculture

Release Date: May 26th 2017
Label: Alcopop! Records
Website: None available


Four years after Weirds released their double single ‘Crocodile/Yolk’, ‘Swarmculture’ was spawned. The double single showed promise, but its true musical identity was hidden underneath low-fi production which didn’t show the band in a particularly strong light. The blood, sweat, and tears that has gone into ‘Swarmculture’ are audible, and this is where they’ve truly made their mark.

‘Swarmculture’ opens with a soft synth, forgiving drum pattern, and an understated riff, allowing the listener to feel strangely mellow. However, this is all turned upside down seemingly out of nowhere, when another feed-backing guitar enters and the music dives into the depths of a killer riff. ‘Things That Crawl’ clearly sets the tone for the rest of the album, with energy and hooks similar to something between ‘What Went Down’ era Foals and Royal Blood.

Thankfully, this album is wonderfully mixed and each individual instrument can be picked up, showcasing each member’s particular craft well. This element is unfortunately something that can be lost with bands that fall under the ‘noise rock’ and ‘grunge’ categories.

The only element of ‘Swarmculture’ that can get tiresome is the distortion on the lead vocal. The diction is questionable and the meaning is often lost, something which riffs alone can’t save. However, the Northern accent does add an almost homely touch to such a melancholy setting, which only compliments the bizarre world Weirds have created.

Hooks are strong throughout ‘Swarmculture’, and its most prominent highlights come through as ‘Black Desert’, ‘Weird Sun’, and the sludge-ballad, ‘Crows’.

A dose of good old British grunge never goes amiss and Weirds have hit the nail on the head. Expect a lot of growth, these are ones to watch.

Written by Kat Haugh (@this_is_mouse)