ALBUM: We Are The Ocean – Cutting Our Teeth

Release Date: February 1st, 2010
Label: Hassle Records


Sounding like the UK’s answer to the latter day sounds of Alexisonfire, We Are The Ocean have gone some way to capture similar levels of intensity and scale to that of those famous Canadian stalwarts. The end result is ten brooding tracks of lush post-hardcore with the odd hard-nosed beatdown and a sprinkling of metalcore flavours, tamed and smoothed down by some slick production. The Dallas Green-esque vocal talents of vocalist Liam Cromby shines throughout with the throaty, raw screams of Dan Brown providing the George Pettit counterpoint to Cromby‘s dulcet tones. The interplay between vocalists creates an effective and powerful partnership that is a constant highlight across the album.

Such comparisons are of course intended to flatter, not to take away from the band’s achievements and We Are The Ocean are by no means a cheap rip-off clone. ‘Cutting Our Teeth’, their first full length studio release, sounds like the product of an already established recording act with the confidence and know-how to develop their initial ideas to their maximum potential. The guitars swim through a rich soup of fuzzy reverb whilst still retaining the necessary crunch and bite to add weight and/or space when needed. The bass and drums work well as a unit, holding the show together and giving the more melodic components enough room and backing to prosper and flourish.

With tracks such as ‘Confessions’ with its vocal led, layered build-up and climaxing pay off, the band show they’re well in control of their own creative destiny and ideas regardless of where their influences may lie. ‘These Days, I Have Nothing’ charges through it’s 2:55 lifespan with stylish aplomb and wide eyed vision. Saving the best ’til last, closing track ‘This Is Called My Home’ is a fitting full stop to the album with its layered, rolling momentum and melodic peaks that glides to a conclusive finale.

‘Cutting Our Teeth’ is both a promise of things to come and an example of a band already able to release something worth listening to. This is a record that packs the necessary punch whilst also looking for a more interesting way of throwing it and taking out some teeth. A definite one to check out if you like your post-hardcore a shade darker than usual, without losing the catchy hooks and memorable choruses.

Written by Greg Johnson