ALBUM: Varials – Pain Again

Release Date: August 11th 2017
Label: Fearless Records
Website: None available


One emotion that we’ve all felt at some point in our lives is anger, rage… to seek revenge, perhaps. It’s an overwhelming feeling when you get that level of loathe and frustration, and us as humans deal with it in different ways, some take a nice stroll out in the park, whereas some of us write ridiculously hard music, which is what Philly hardcore band Varials have done with their debut LP, ‘Pain Again’.

Recently there has been a hardcore resurrection seeing bands such as Knocked Loose and Code Orange take the spotlight, and, with ‘Pain Again’, this band have a record up there to sit alongside both ‘Laughter Tracks’ and ‘Forever’.

Opening track ‘The New Damnnation’ comes in with slow sludgy down-toned guitar work, mixed with perfectly matched headbang inducing drums, over a quote taken from the 1997 film, ‘The Devil’s Advocate’.

Vocalist Travis Tabron‘s first impression to the album is classically hardcore. You can feel the raw emotion that’s being portrayed in the opening lyric, ‘What Does The World Have Against Me?’.

When signing to the Fearless Records label roster, Varials released the record’s lead single, ‘Anything To Numb’. The talking points in this song are really few and far between. It’s got a catchy as hell chorus, and potentially one of the best breakdowns on the album, but, apart from that, that’s about it.

You can feel a real change when you get to ‘Abacus’. Here they seem to have gone for a more Being As An Ocean-esque style with the track, still taking on the same musical style, but a very different vocal style.

‘Pain Again’ is a very strong first outing for Varials. If you’re a fan of the likes of Knocked Loose, Code Orange, or Stray From The Path, feed your ears with this record ASAP.

Written by Callum Griffin (@CalGriffinn)