ALBUM REVIEW: Walking Dead On Broadway – Dead Era

Release Date: September 28th 2018
Label: Long Branch Records
Website: None available


Straight up death metal can be a pure or failed experience for each listener. While some embrace its whole journey into the demonic, others can be found wanting for a variable experience. Walking Dead On Broadway have been in existence since 2009 and show no signs of letting the aggression soften.

The band’s third album, ‘Dead Era’, opens with its titular track which eerily begins with a distant crackle of a vinyl record and slowly builds up the tension with a ring of air raid sirens. This then launches straight into a full frontal vocal confrontation from Nils Richber on ‘Red Alert’, met with equally distorted and aggressive guitar tones starting the ensuing chaos of the album. The momentum and impact fluctuates between a full frontal assault with sped rap delirium to a full orchestral ensemble of instruments.

‘Our Labour, Our Pride, Our Promise’ wastes no time on introductions, and pounds straight in with outright fury full of thrash and distorted tones backed up with guttural vocalisations of impending doom ’til the end.

A similar theme is followed on later track ‘Song Of Courage’ along with some added distant choir choruses around the main vocals and stringed instruments. This then leads to an almost hardcore breakdown of stop and starts with the vocals bellowing out to extenuate the ensuing drama.

The aptly named ‘Standstill’ offers a brief break in proceedings, before we’re grasped and dragged through the remainder of the hellish record until its closer, ‘Benevolent Warfare’. Here, we’re given distant echoing drums and vocals before launching into a final killer blow of distortion and confrontation before a gradual fade out.