Release Date: January 25th 2019
Label: Wichita Recordings/Mom + Pop Music/Dine Alone Records


If you didn’t know, FIDLAR is an acronym for “Fuck It Dog, Life’s A Risk”, and it’s taken from the mantra of vocalist/guitarist Zac Carper‘s college roommates. Started as a project in their spare time at a studio that Carper and drummer Max Khuen, they’ve come a long to what is now their third album ‘Almost Free’.

Stuck somewhere in the world of 90s rap, ‘Get Off My Rock’ bounces in with the bravado and rhythm that would’ve been heard on a MTV back when it was known for actually broadcasting music on television, and lyrically references drug paraphernalia and gang territorialism.

Spurring from what sounds like a Levi’s Jeans advert, ‘Flake’ is an indie rock anthem interweaved with vocals that eerily sound close to that of Blur frontman, Damon Albarn, and while it makes for an effective combination, it unfortunately doesn’t stand out in originality.

Fun and comical, ‘By Myself’ is a introspective mickey take on a self-destructive personality and adds a light edge to proceedings with its lo-fi introduction where even Carper struggles to keep a serious tone.

Rioting skate anthem ‘Thought. Mouth.’ flits between the relaxed sound of ska punk that is comparable to influential legends Sublime and their more contemporary emotional counterparts, Blink-182.

Ensuring some chaos is applied between the waves of grunge rock, ‘Nuke’ blasts with noise rock and outright confrontation for a brief forty seconds before being followed by ‘Too Real’, which further ups the ante in a continual building crescendo of aggression and exclamations of “Was that too fucking real?!”

Though ‘Almost Free’ is certainly not short on highlights and impact, there are some instances where some major influence from other alternative bands is a little too on the sleeve and on the nose.