ALBUM: Myka, Relocate – Lies To Light The Way

Release Date: October 29th, 2013
Label: Artery Recordings
Website: None available


Knowing it’s a post-hardcore/metalcore record, how surprised would you be to read that, along with breakdowns and vocal hooks, there are also a tonne of electronics and that those vocal lines are slightly too heavily produced on Myka, Relocate‘s debut full-length, ‘Lies To Light The Way’? Well… there are, on every single track.

There are, of course, ways to incorporate these tastefully, but from the very first track it feels as though it’s almost a token usage, rather than a feeling that the songs genuinely called for it. Thankfully, though, there’s some restraint shown as the record goes on and the gimmickry actually ends up giving way to some legitimately catchy, well written stuff.

Myka, Relocate, when they hit their stride, are probably better at being Memphis May Fire than Memphis May Fire are these days and while, vocally, it’s all a bit Kellin Quinn at times, but it’s pretty infectious when it’s at it’s best and with a bit of refining and more sporadic usage. Some of the better the tracks could easily reach the anthemic heights they so clearly aim for.

Fiddle with the production less, trim the excess three or four tracks (this could’ve been so much more digestible if there were nine tracks of the same thing instead of twelve) and lead with stronger tracks like ‘Dry Spell’ and ‘Natural Seperation’ and you’ve got a solid album on your hands. As it is, though, ‘Lies To Light The Way’ shows a little bit too much compositional naivety to have a chance of standing out amongst its innumerable peers.

Written by Ryan De Freitas