ALBUM: For All Those Sleeping – Outspoken

Release Date: January 21st, 2013
Label: Fearless Records


For All Those Sleeping probably aren’t a band that you’d like. They’re one of these new generation groups that focus too much on their image at the detriment of their originality music wise. 2010’s debut, ‘Cross Your Fingers’, had record listeners in the fringed population of the world, but with ‘Outspoken’, you can’t help but feel that their popularity might be dwindling.

‘Count Your Fingers’‘s strong point was its catchy singalong choruses, but for whatever reason FATS have decided to focus more on the mindless chugging side of their music with ‘Outspoken’. There’s more of an emphasis on heavily wound guitar sections of nothing more than open string idiocy in songs like ‘Once A Liar’ and ‘Mark My Words’. ‘Cross Your Fingers’ played well alongside bands like A Skylit Drive and Sleeping With Sirens, but ‘Outspoken’ guns more towards Woe, Is Me or Scarlett O’Hara territory. Now, the thing about bands like WIM and SOH is that, musically, they’re horse shit. Maybe FATS just felt like they wanted more boneheaded fans rather than screaming pre-teen girls.

‘Outspoken’, however, may well pass off pretty successfully as just album fodder for the live setting. FATS used to be dreadful live (see this) but the general consensus is that they’ve greatly improved over the past two years, to the point where lead singer Mike Champa has actually been mentioned in ‘best ever’ lists. Whilst that is, of course, an exaggeration, here is a band that have put a conscious effort into self-improvement. They know what teenagers want in their metalcore and they’ve definitely become commendable at being fringier, douchebaggier and more rebellious than the rest.

If you want to see For All Those Sleeping live, then listen to ‘Outspoken’ so you know the words. But, if you’re looking for the next ‘Homesick’ or ‘Rise Or Die Trying’, then maybe you should look elsewhere.

Written by MG Savage