ALBUM: Five Finger Death Punch – A Decade Of Destruction

Release Date: December 1st 2017
Label: Prospect Park/Eleven Seven Music


Las Vegas metallers Five Finger Death Punch are not new to big, beefy rock hits. So, luckily for us, they’ve put together a compilation of their best ones. ‘A Decade Of Destruction’ sees the band round up their supposedly greatest hits from six studio albums from the past ten years in a nostalgic fashion on a 16-track album, whilst still retaining all the brutality of a Five Finger Death Punch album.

Opener ‘Trouble’ gets the ball rolling, with groove filled, riff stomping melodies nicely introducing you to this collection of tracks. Although it’s one of the band’s newer tracks, it’s probably the best opener that they could’ve gone with, as it sets you up for what you can expect from the record. That is one of the things this album can be commended for; a nice balance of new and old tracks to include a wider set of the band’s fans.

‘Lift Me Up’ is a fearsome track that rings (in places) of a Slipknot/Corey Taylor vocal style, as vocalist Ivan Moody‘s deep, booming voice grittily speaks, “I won’t be broken / I won’t be tortured”. It’s a song that epitomises what the band are great at – smashing through raucous, rage-filled riffs and contagious, melodic choruses. The track also has the sweet as name drop and feature of Rob Halford of Judas Priest, which definitely catches your attention.

A soft, almost country feel eases you into ‘Bad Company’, again with Moody‘s vocals taking the forefront as his caramel smooth baritone voice glides over a neat, cleansed, spangling guitar. The chorus bursts through like a classic rock anthem, but yet still adds an extra bit of grit, attitude, and swagger.

Ballads ‘Wrong Side Of Heaven’ and ‘I Apologize’ may break the current and more regular flow of aggressive, stomping metal, but still both carry the weight of some hefty choruses. The ballad-esque tracks are not long-lasting, however, as the record soon swings back onto track of obliterating through deadly double-kick drums and squealing solos, which can be heard in ‘My Nemesis’ and the latter parts of ‘The Bleeding’.

Despite the slightly strange low-quality phone call spoken word vocals, which engulf both the verses and bridge of the track ‘Jekyll And Hyde’, the song absolutely kills. It’s infectious “oh-wee-oh-wee-oh” vocal chant in the chorus accompanying Moody‘s belting vocals makes this a definite highlight, as the record approaches its end.

‘A Decade Of Destruction’ establishes a good reflection of what has been a turbulent and exciting career for Five Finger Death Punch. Both fresh and newer tracks alongside nostalgic, older songs seamlessly slot together both raging metal and slower ballads on a record which highlights the band’s multi-faced successes over a span of ten years. It’s an enjoyable release by the 5-piece, and one which also looks celebratory towards future.

Written by Dylan Tuck (@dylankightuck)

Writer for DEAD PRESS! | Literature undergrad with a love for all things punk | Often found sipping on coffee or craft beer, whilst attempting to write some words.

Writer for DEAD PRESS! | Literature undergrad with a love for all things punk | Often found sipping on coffee or craft beer, whilst attempting to write some words.