ALBUM: Adept – Silence The World

Release Date: March 25th, 2013
Label: Panic & Action


What would happen if Stick To Your Guns and Soilwork got in a fist fight? There’s only one way to find out… Adept! Now on their third studio album, the Swedes have given us plenty more reasons for us to sit up and take notice with latest offering, ‘Silence The World’.

It’s certainly an interesting twist on a genre that is quickly fermenting in its repetitiveness. The foundations are very similar to bands like The Ghost Inside and Miss May I; a five-piece band that scream and shout all their problems away, but the Scandinavian twinge adds just a pinch of melodeath into the mix and the result is something that’s enjoyable to listen to without sounding too familiar. Maybe older fans of the band may be disappointed by their apparent bandwagoning of a sound, but such a move may end up doubling or tripling their fanbase.

‘Secrets’ is a song that would fit in nicely during any Bring Me The Horizon set pre-2013. Sure, it’s got the constant twanging of an open B chord, but there’s also post-rock guitar work from Jerry Repo and Gustav Lithammer. Singer Robert Ljung may have lost weight, but he’s lost none of his verve and tenacity, and his varied vocals only add to the progression. Sure, there may be moments of cringe, like the expletive filled rap at the start of ‘Established 2004’, but there are plenty of times where ‘Silence The World’ makes you want to move, like on ‘Dead Planet’.

Despite having been around 9 years, Adept aren’t that well-known. Fans of modern Soilwork and In Flames should enjoy their Nordic ferocity, and fans of throwing down in the pit should empathise with the chugging rhythms. For whatever reason though, Adept haven’t made it as of yet. Maybe ‘Silence The World’ will do the opposite of what it claims and get people talking.

Written by MG Savage