If you’re in a band, run a record label/company or have any other desire to advertise your act or product on our website, please get in touch (advertising@deadpress.co.uk) with your enquiry and we’ll offer a quote and plan that suits your plan and your budget.

We’re currently offering the highly competitive price of just £1.00 per ad spot per day, and in quarterly bulks we offer a 50% discount on each third month in the package. That means you can have ad spots for these insanely cheap prices:
3 months = £75 per ad spot
6 months = £150 per ad spot
9 months = £225 per ad spot
12 months = £300 per ad spot

Along with certain advertisement plans, we also offer the service of creating an ad banner for your product/band/etc for as little as £10 extra to your original quote. What’s more, you can use this newly created banner for yourself however, whenever and wherever you like for any future advertising opportunities on this site or elsewhere

Of course, you want to know that your ads are actually being seen to know your money is being well spent. Here are our stats from the last year (January 1st 2012 – January 1st 2013):
Site Visits: 132,276
Unique Visitors: 100,742
Page Views: 563,513

More up-to-date statistics can be provided upon request, as we have a full advertising pack available which you can download right now by clicking here.

If you’re interested in receiving a quote, please get in touch: advertising@deadpress.co.uk