Originally created in mid-2007 as a portfolio of founder Zach Redrup‘s reviews and interviews, DEAD PRESS! soon flourished into a fully functioning online music publication. In May 2010, the website saw a complete revamp and brought a whole new drive to its contribution to the music scene the world over.

Today, the site hosts a wide variety of news, reviews, interviews, media and other content for bands and acts across the world covering a range of genres, from legendary acts like Metallica and Lady Gaga, all the way down to your local heroes who are playing pub shows.

The DEAD PRESS! ethos that helps to set itself aside from its peers is honesty and passion for the music that it covers. You’ll find no sugar coated or biased articles here; the good and the bad will be revealed for what it is. The team consists of music fans. It’s more than “just music” to us.

For the future, the site only aims to engrave its name deeper on the online circuit and be known as an integral and key part of the music scene. Second to none.