ALBUM: Story Untold – Waves

Release Date: February 2nd 2018
Label: Hopeless Records
Website: None available


Canadian pop-punks Story Untold originally began as the solo act of Janice Thibault, under the moniker Amasic back in 2009. In 2012, Thibault enlisted a full band and began writing tunes inspired by the likes of pop-punk giants Blink-182 and Green Day.

After inking a deal with Hopeless Records in 2016, they began touring under the name Story Untold, released their self-titled debut EP, and headed out on tour alongside Simple Plan and Hit The Lights. Two years later, and the up-and-comers have come forth with their much-anticipated debut album, ‘Waves’.

Despite only being two months in, 2018 is shaping up to be an excellent year for pop-rock releases, and Story Untold are only reiterating that fact. Thibault‘s voice is what really sets the band apart from their peers, with a sickly smooth tone and an impressive range. Penultimate track ‘All The Same (Once A Liar, Always a Liar)’ packs an aggressive punch with growling vocals and fast-paced instrumentals. In contrast, both ‘Invisible’ and ‘Chasing Feelings’ demonstrate the band’s more stripped back dynamic side.

The album’s drawback comes in the more tongue-in-check bubblegum tracks that are offered up here, including ‘California’ and ‘Up 2 You’ that, while they’re certainly catchy tunes, don’t leave as much of a lasting impression as the rest of the record.

‘Waves’ is a solid and pretty unique pop-punk record that’s strongly reminiscent of Yellowcard and Simple Plan. Both modern day and old school pop-punks fans alike are bound to enjoy Story Untold‘s upbeat and catchy songwriting.

Written by Phoebe Constable (@phoebecnstable)