EP: Valliers – Lost In Familiarity

Release Date: November 17th 2017
Label: Dream Atlantic Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/valliersuk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/valliersuk


Debut EPs like Valliers‘Lost In Familiarity’ are a rarity. Yet, this is as clear a reminder as you could wish for of just how good underground bands can be. The London four-piece are starting their music careers very strongly with this EP being a great marker to build off.

First track, ‘Fade’, lulls you into a false sense of security of what your expectations may be for this EP. With its harmonic, washy synths pulling you in in the intro, only to spit you back out into a full-on, angst-fuelled riot of a track. In fact, there’s pretty much no let up from the high-intensity tempo for the remaining 3 tracks, as we’re spoilt with chugging riffs and breakdowns throughout. The chorus of “Forgive me” and “How have we become so disconnected?” is just begging a crowd to absolutely belt the lines back in a small, sweaty venue somewhere.

The production on the EP is solid and really compliments the huge, weightiness of this brash, bold record. The sound is so full and rich, it really adds a lot to the overall depth of the record. You can hear this especially on lead single, ‘Breathe’. This track has a more melodic feel at times, with the choruses in particular sticking in your head like glue, but still unleashes pure mayhem when appropriate.

‘Coast’ is both rhythmic and hostile. It’s clear that Valliers are able to blend the double-time, full-throttle punk vibe with a heavier, more aggressive tone when they want to, and it doesn’t feel misplaced at all. The stand-alone vocals at the end of the song screaming “I would take another breath / I would take another shot” are hauntingly brutal.

Closer ‘Sink’ is arguably the darkest on the record. Starting in a grove-filled, battering hardcore style, its bridge and climax is violent, destructive, and brilliant. As the drums drop out and the vocals “I won’t let you ruin me” come in, you can just envision the crowds parting and elbows swinging to this hefty breakdown.

Frantic, ferocious, aggressive, angsty, ballsy, and brave; for a debut EP, Valliers have put together a pretty experienced sounding record, and what’s even more impressively is that it’s only four tracks long. Be sure to keep an eye on this band, and, for the sake of their massive riffs and breakdowns, get yourself to one of their shows when they’re on tour.

Written by Dylan Tuck (@dylankightuck)



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