EP: End – From The Unforgiving Arms Of God

Release Date: September 8th 2017
Label: Good Fight Music
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/listentoend
Twitter: None available


You may be asking yourself, “Who are End?” Well, End are a stupidly heavy supergroup. Vocals are covered by Brendan Murphy (Counterparts), guitars are taken up by Will Putney (Fit For An Autopsy) and Greg Thomas (Misery Signals), bass duties are provided by Jay Pepito (Reign Supreme), and completed with drums from Andrew McEnaney (Structures). Not a bad line-up, eh?

End have conceived their start almost out of the blue with their debut EP, ‘From The Unforgiving Arms Of God’, and it is most certainly unforgiving and fearless.

Starting of with a bunch of eerie distortion, you’re soon thrown into face-melting, head banging grooves of opener, ‘Chewing Glass’. It’s punishing, and it sets the bar very high for the remaining 5 tracks that are to follow.

Next up is the band’s debut single, ‘Usurper’, and, once again, they’re not messing around for a single second. The ferocity in Murphy‘s vocals portrays itself over the score accompanying it, provided by the aforementioned star cast line-up of the metalcore and hardcore elite.

Closing things off is ‘Survived By Nothing’, and it’s a cataclysmic closure to the relentless 17-minute long debut from End. What a track to close on. It’s got a mix of everything that we’ve welcomely had pummelled into our ears over the previous tracks; the sheer brutality giving way to a bit of melodic hardcore in places, as well as the hauntingly soft sections.

‘From The Unforgiving Arms Of God’ is a destructive inception and introduction to the End. With such a strong, formidable, and diverse line-up, who knows what slab they can bring to the table with a full-length.

Written by Callum Griffin (@CalGriffinn)



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