ALBUM: Across The Atlantic – Works Of Progress

Release Date: September 1st 2017
Label: SharpTone Records


Ever since bands like A Day To Remember jumped onto the scene, there has been an ever present bandwagon of bands to produce a combination of pop-punk and metalcore together in a mix that’s been dubbed as ‘easycore’. This fusion is still around with bands like such as Across The Atlantic, who are back with their second studio album, ‘Works Of Progress’.

The record contrasts itself well within the album, as there are times that the band show of a softer side; a side that has soaring pop-punk vocals and melodies before they then show off their heavier alter-ego with crushing breakdowns and growled vocals.

All throughout ‘Works Of Progress’, there are times when vocalist Jay Martinez sounds a lot like Jeremy McKinnon (A Day To Remember), especially on ’24’ with his cleans. It’s definitely the catchiest song on the entire album, and a song that seens to deal with a break-up that has gone sour.

Another song that’s up there on the catchy-factor is ‘Perfect’. It’s a track with a narrative between a male and a female, but more specifically turning the typical romance on its head by talking about doing the things that they shouldn’t do, like trashing hotel rooms. The narrative talks about the girl being perfect for him for doing the things that they shouldn’t.

All in all, Across The Atlantic have released a very fun record that’s easy to listen to. ‘Works Of Progress’ has captured the blend of pop-punk and metalcore ala A Day To Remember perfectly. If the band keep releasing material of this quality, they’ll easily be pushing their way forward in the ranks of their genre contemporaries. Seriously, ‘Works Of Prgoress’ is that good.

Written by Jack Bellamy (@jackbellamy17)



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