ALBUM: The Gospel Youth – Always Lose

Release Date: July 14th 2017
Label: Rise Records/Velocity Records


South Coast’s The Gospel Youth are still a young band, only forming back in 2014. They steadily began making a name for themselves with some successful support shows across the UK, and soon caught the attention of Rise Records and made a strong appearance across the Vans Warped Tour. Now, they’re here with their debut record, ‘Always Lose’, which in defiance of its title is nothing but a win for these pop-punk newcomers.

A gently coursing, melodic piano introduces the album as ‘I Will Deliver You To The Fireflies’ begins with a emotional, soulful performance that becomes a theme of the record before frontman Sam Little belts out a huge chorus, flaunting his incredible vocal talent.

The Gospel Youth have a fantastic ability to create painfully relatable songs through their lyrics, be it a venomous hate for an ex on ‘Your Love Is A Cancer’, or a story of overcoming the odds and not being defeated by a failure on ‘Tired Eyes & Heavy Hearts’.

Another significant strength of this record is the diversity across it. ‘Gin And Black Coffee’ and lead single ‘Kids’ are brilliantly infectious, pop-punk numbers, but then ‘Revolutions’ is a haunting journey of resisting falling in love characterised perfectly by an outpouring of emotion in the form of Little‘s final scream.

The Gospel Youth carry you across the record with them. They manage to make you feel every soaring high and heart-breaking low, and cuts like ‘Moods Like English Weather’ and closing number ‘Bloodlines//Love Stopped Me Coming Home’ characterise this theme perfectly.

The band have created something truly spectacular in ‘Always Lose’, and, if you haven’t heard of The Gospel Youth yet, then it won’t be too long until you do.

Written by Jon Barlow (@Narlow1)



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