ALBUM: Alpha Male Tea Party – Health

Release Date: June 23rd 2017
Label: Big Scary Monsters
Website: None available


Even with the surging popularity and emergence of acts within the world of rock and metal, there seems to be a lack of appreciation for instrumental acts, substituting a focus on vocals for an increase in captivation within the instrumentation of their songwriting. Liverpool’s technical/djent metallers Alpha Male Tea Party aim to change this with their latest release, ‘Health’.

At times, the record comes across with a very Animals As Leaders feel with a very technical and very flashy style of guitar work, exuding confidence from the very first strike of the string or a tap of the fretboard to the very last.

There’s only really one negative showcased in ‘Health’. Whilst the band’s proficiency and ability is impossible to deny or dispute, Alpha Male Tea Party fall into the trap that so many instrumental acts do all too often. It’s very easy to lose concentration or your focus when they lead into the overdone solos and over the top technicality to compensate for the absence of focus in the vocals.

Like with a lot of purely instrumental bands and albums, ‘Health’ is best digested in smaller doses, taking in a few songs here and there, and then coming back a little later to finish it off.

Alpha Male Tea Party are definitely one of the few up-and-coming metal instrumental bands in the UK who have the potential, the talent, and the skill to become as big as the bands dominating the scene like 65daysofstatic and Animals As Leaders.

Written by Jack Bellamy (@jackbellamy17)



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