ALBUM: The Karma Heart – Throw Your Light

Release Date: August 10th, 2011
Label: Unsigned


After just one glance at the female fronted The Karma Heart‘s Facebook page, you can tell that they are one hell of a hard working band! They have a huge list of bands they have supported, including the almighty Scott Ian of Anthrax. With a passion for playing live, they claim to “give their all into every show” and “regularly organise their own tours of the UK”.

Their debut album ‘Throw Your Light’ is a wonderful 45 minutes of well written rock anthems. Sticking to the rock formula, there is the odd slow song ‘King Karma’ hidden amongst the fast driving songs like ‘Desire’ and ‘Kamikaze Comraderie’. Plus, their song ‘The Remedy’, seems to be performed in the style of Volbeat. It’s a good thing, Volbeat are amazing.

And you know what’s refreshing about The Karma Heart? Although they are female fronted, they don’t let that define them. On the website and in band pics, she’s not there centre front with her tits out, but the whole band is treated equally. Like I said, it’s refreshing. Although, it should be noted that Jenn Cherene has an amazing rock voice. She adds a seductive Americanised tinge to every note, making sure each song gets stuck in your head.

‘Throw Your Light’ is a solid attempt at a first album. There maybe a few dull moments here and there, but overall it’s very good. With another EP on the way, this is the beginning of a great discography by a great band. If you’re a fan of Halestorm or Hinder then have yourselves a listen to The Karma Heart. If you’re looking for a good rock album to listen to, again, check them out. They seem to permanently be on tour, so make sure you try and catch them live. If they are as good as they say they are, then you will not be disappointed.

Written by Andy Roberts



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