NEWS: Wolf Down break up; members face sexual abuse allegations!

Following a handful of allegations of sexual abuse coming to light online yesterday towards Wolf Down guitarist Tobi and drummer Sven, the band have decided to part ways. The band confirmed their decision to call it a day via a lengthy post shared via their Facebook page, which also addresses the aforementioned accusations being raised at these now ex-members.

Part of the post also contains a statement from Tobi himself, in which he directly addresses the accusations that have been raised and aimed at him. At the time of writing, Sven has not personally released a statement.

You can read the full post made by the band via Facebook below.

Along with this, the band’s former vocalist Larissa Stupar, who now currently fronts British death metal outfit Venom Prison, also made a post regarding these accusations, in which she states that she was “abused in more than one way” by Sven during their relationship. Her post can be read below.

Due to the band dissolving, Wolf Down will no longer be supporting Stray From The Path during their UK tour in October, and will not be performing any other scheduled shows.



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