We’re putting the spotlight on the hottest and most exciting new bands around with a brand new Introducing feature, ready to highlight the artists with the biggest potential to make an impact on their scene. We’re taking a look at Bedford newcomers SEASONS who are two EPs in and throwing singles out left, right and centre preparing for the year ahead. The band let us know about their plans and what’s happening in their local scene.


Alternative Rock

Bedford, UK

Mallory Knox / Lonely The Brave / Young Guns

Seasons EP (2016) [Listen]
What Goes Around EP (2016) [Listen]


MAY 9 – ST ALBANS, The Horn [w/ Create To Inspire]
MAY 12/13/14 – YAXLEY, Yaxley Festival
JUNE 2 – BOLTON, Seddfest (Main Stage)
AUGUST 4/5/6 – BEDFORD, Fort Fest (Main Stage)
SEPTEMBER 23 – CAMBRIDGE, Subterranean Festival


DP!: How would you describe yourselves to someone who has never heard Seasons before?
SEASONS: Imagine you’re at home and you’ve got a couple of mates round, had a beer or glass of wine or whatever takes your fancy and you’ve ordered a takeaway (it’s your favourite takeaway). You know that point where your stomach is doing somersaults and you’re starting to get aggy with your pals and all of a sudden the doorbell rings…well that point when you hear the doorbell, that’s exactly the same feeling as when you first hear a SEASONS song.

DP!: How did the band form?
SEASONS: Pure luck. The story goes that there once was a young boy named Grant. On his 3rd birthday, Grant fell off his brand new scooter and knocked one of his teeth out. That night, after the crying and bleeding had stopped, Grant went to bed with his tooth under his pillow. It wasn’t until midday the next day that Grant remembered he had been sleeping on this tooth and went into his room to retrieve it. But it was gone. In it’s place was a cassette tape…(It was like 1993…). Grant took the cassette to his mum and she played the tape at full volume in the living room. This was the first anyone would hear of the band called SEASONS. Grant grew up and basically just stole all of the songs as his own. Hang on…No wait…it was at the foot of a rainbow…!

DP!:What plans do you have for the future?
SEASONS: Genuinely we just want as many people as possible to hear our music! Whatever that takes, we will do. Gigs, releases, badgering record labels, bribing radio presenters…honestly nothing is below us.
We just dropped our last single in February and our next release is looking like June time! Thick and fast.
In terms of upcoming shows we have a few festivals lined up later in the year: Main Stage at Fort Fest, Subterranean Festival at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge, Yaxley Festival and Seddfest up in Bolton. We’ll also be doing a show with our brothers in Hollowstar, supporting them for their release show, AND doing our own release show around that time too! It’s all go!

DP!:Which new bands are you listening to right now?
SEASONS: Apart from the boys in Hollowstar, the music scene around the Bedford and Cambridge area is buzzing! The likes of Tom Lumley, Oscar Corney, and a band properly killing it at the moment are Raveneye.

DP!:Which bands do you aspire to and why?
SEASONS: There are the obvious bands, your Don Brocos and your Mallory Knoxs (who we went to see at KOKO on their latest headline tour, cheers for the guestlist Mikey) they are killing it obviously, but I think a special mention should go out to Raveneye. They’ve been pushing for a few years now and it’s started to pay off for them. Properly inspirational. The last band which has heavily influence us in more ways than one is Lower Than Atlantis. Ordinary guys, working hard and making waves. It’s right where we wanna be.

DP!:What’s the stand out moment in your career so far?
SEASONS: Following on slightly from the last question, I think we’d all agree that being in the studio with LTA and having Ben Sansom produce our last two singles has been incredible. We were all fangirl-ing a bit initially, but we’ve calmed down enough now and we’re starting to pump out some good stuff with Ben’s input. Long may that continue!

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