ALBUM: Danko Jones – Wild Cat

Release Date: March 3rd 2017
Label: Bad Taste Records


For a band to be putting out their eighth studio album, they must be doing something right. The Canadian trio Danko Jones are back once again with ‘Wild Cat’, another 11 tracks to add to an already impressive catalogue. The band have built-up a deserved reputation of delivering live since forming over 20 years ago, and they also bring that same driving force to this new record.

It’s unmistakably branded with the Danko style that kicks off with ‘I Gotta Rock’. The dry throat vocal over the rattling drums opens the album before the intense guitar and bass set the pace. ‘My Little R&R’ has a slower build-up to it, with shades of The Rolling Stones coming through, but has you singing the chorus like it’s been around for years.

Now, everyone takes influence from somewhere or another, and originality is what you do with it yourself. On ‘You Are My Woman’, it seems that the band has thrown this concept out the window and paid homage to the great Thin Lizzy. There’s more than a passing resemblance here to Phil Lynott and the boys, and if that’s the intention then they’ve made a damn fine effort.

The trials and tribulations of being in a band for so long are celebrated now with ‘Do This Every Night’. Obviously, life on the road is still what the band is about, and there doesn’t seem to be a let up very soon. The title-track starts with a near rockabilly beginning before the rock guitar comes gate crashing into the party. The solo guitar work on this track needs fingers of elastic and perseverance to an end. The dirty, sleazy side of rock ‘n’ roll cavorts around your ears now with ‘Success In Bed’; a sexualised all-night session on the mattress is the subject, although being described in sound. A theme running through the end of the album is that of the female form, complimenting the strong woman who knows her mind and her body.

Danko Jones are a band that have a very distinct style of play delivered with a vocal that could blow your windows in. It hasn’t changed much over the past few years, and maybe it would be a mistake to try. The success of the band lies with that distinct throbbing rock sound, with the strong powerful vocal delivering on every clichéd word just as others have done before. If you’re partial to a bit of classic rock in your ears, then you’ll no doubt enjoy adding this record to the rest of your Danko Jones collection.

Written by Kami Provan (@kami2311)