TRACK-BY-TRACK: Alter Eden – Tigers & Lambs

Stoke On Trent rockers Alter Eden are preparing for the release of their sophomore EP ‘Tigers & Lambs’ that sees the band have progressed since their debut back in 2015. Vocalist Nick Pilgrim said “We’ve thrown everything into this EP, creatively, practically and figuratively. As all good records should, it lays bare where our lives are at the moment – in an “all or nothing” stage- we’ll give everything for what we do, and hopefully this comes across in our music. We can’t wait for everyone to hear it and get out playing it around the UK in 2017″. We caught up with the band for a run through of ‘Tigers & Lambs’, to get a full understanding of how the record came together.

This is one of our favourite tracks to play live – it’s kind of frenetic but melodic and gentle yet raging. The song (much like the EP) is about the balance of innocence and experience in your life – the more you build on top of the things in your life, the deeper your foundations, and the harder they are to abandon. Obviously there’s literary comparisons here with William Blake – who’s writing seems to resonate in the world we live in now more than ever before.

‘Colourless’ is about focusing in on the things in life that give you meaning and give you colour. Alex (our guitarist) & I were sitting on the chorus idea and bouncing it around for ages and ages, until we finally found a way to make it stick!

This track has SO much history to it. We wrote about 80% of it for our first EP (originally titled ‘fives’ after the odd time signature.) but we just couldn’t make it fit in with the feel of ‘Fearless’ in general. Later on we decided to revisit it and work into it a lot in pre-production, and here’s the final result!

Sometimes we can take months to work on a single track, sometimes we can take a night – this is one of the latter – even though we wrote a good 20+ tracks to eventually cut down to the 6, this one just kept coming back. It’s wild to play live as well and we can really cut loose.

We pre-produce all of the songs we write (recording them initially as demos, and then a second time before going into the studio to really work in to the tracks), meaning that over the 3 different versions we end up recording, some tracks end up changing loads. This song definitely changed more than any of the others, resulting in a totally re-written middle-8, a reworked chorus and an entirely new set of lyrics for the verses. To my ears though, it was finally “ready” when going into the main studio sessions, and is one of my favourite tracks to listen to now!

This is usually our set closer, and is a LOT of fun to play live! Our producer, Mark, also let us play around with the production a lot on this, with additional drum parts, gang vocals, extra parts and other juicy bits. We like doing this a lot anyway, but with ‘We’ve Had Enough’, it just felt so organic to start adding these bits!

‘Tigers & Lambs’ is out on February 17th and you can pre-order it from their BigCartel page (here).

Keep up to date with the band and what they’re up to via Facebook (here) and Twitter (here).



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