ALBUM: SayWeCanFly – Blessed Are Those

Release Date: November 4th 2016
Label: Epitaph Records


Since 2009, Canadian singer/songwriter Braden Barrie has been releasing acoustic work under the moniker of SayWeCanFly, with his debut album ‘Between The Roses’ being released in January of last year. Fast-forward to November 2016, and Barrie has returned to the music scene with his sophomore effort, ‘Blessed Are Those’, which keeps in with the alternative acoustic approach of his previous works in a somewhat stereotypical early 00s emo style.

An almost instrumental ‘There Are No Flowers In Heaven’ calmly introduces the record before the title track takes over with a delicate approach before the chorus hits with its somewhat downbeat lyrics, which is a consistent theme across the release. The subdued, light instrumental approach is featured across of impressive number of instruments over the record, with the keyboard taking the lead on ‘They’re Calling For Rain’, the violin on ‘Sweetest Heart’, and the acoustic guitar on ‘Left The Light On’ really demonstrating Barrie‘s impressive musical repertoire.

Not afraid to really push his vocal performance, despite the gentle atmosphere, Barrie puts in huge performances on ‘Most Of The Time’, and also introduces some impressive harmonies on the more emotional number, ‘The Space Between Our Eyes’.

The general feeling of this album is a very subdued, calming approach, which some may find a little dull, but is actually done really well by SayWeCanFly, although more direct comparisons would be to City & Colour‘s early work, along with The Rocket Summers‘ early releases, which more than anything tells that this record, whilst being great, would’ve been better released about a decade ago.

That said, if you’re a fan of these bands, or more recently This Wild Life‘s output, then ‘Blessed Are Those’ is certainly built for you.

Written by Jon Barlow (@Narlow1)