NEWS: Avenged Sevenfold slate upcoming ‘The Best Of 2005-2013’ compilation!

Amidst the speculation of Avenged Sevenfold‘s seventh full-length album ‘The Stage’, which the band surprise released on October 28th 2016 via Capitol Records, former label home Warner Bros. Records have announced details of a greatest hits compilation, titled ‘The Best Of 2005-2013’.

However, news of the release has appeared to have been as much of a surprise for the band has it has been for fans. When speaking with online publication Team Rock, frontman M. Shadows explained it as a move for the label to gain financially after Chris Jericho (of Fozzy), in secret collaboration with the band, tweeted fake information surrounding the release of ‘The Stage’.

“They saw the tweet that Chris Jericho put up, assumed the record was coming out December 9, and tried to undercut our sales and confuse casual fans. We didn’t find out it was happening until we saw it online. They’re just trying to make a cash grab. The fans will figure it out, it’s a viral world and people will know. Go on Spotify and make a playlist of those songs, it’s easy.”

The band are currently in the middle of a lawsuit with their former label, which came to light earlier this year, and when asked about the current progress of the lawsuit, Shadows continued, “The reality is we’re still in a lawsuit with Warner Brothers, we’re exercising our right of the seven-year rule which is a law in California that says you can’t be in a contract longer than seven years, and it comes down to feeling that nobody at that company cared or knew about Avenged Sevenfold any more.”

Those who are interested in ‘The Best Of 2005-2013’ can find the album artwork and full track listing detailed below:

01.) Bat Country
02.) Beast And The Harlot
03.) Seize The Day
04.) Critical Acclaim
05.) Almost Easy
06.) Afterlife
07.) Dear God
08.) A Little Piece Of Heaven

01.) Nightmare
02.) Welcome To The Family
03.) So Far Away
04.) Hail To The King
05.) Shepherd of Fire
06.) Walk (Pantera cover)
07.) Flash Of The Blade (Iron Maiden cover)
08.) Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover)
09.) Carry On
10.) Not Ready To Die

The compilation ‘The Best Of 2005-2013’ is set for release on December 2nd 2016 via Warner Bros. Records.

However, should you want to listen to it now, someone has followed the advice of Shadows and made this compilation as a playlist on Spotify (here).