ALBUM: Beware Of Darkness – Are You Real?

Release Date: September 16th 2016
Label: Bright Antenna Records


New albums can often symbolise rebirth for bands, especially if they end up taking their sound in another direction. There’s always a risk of upsetting pre-existing fans and becoming yet another one-album-wonder band. Alt rockers Beware Of Darkness have definitely altered their sound for their new album ‘Are You Real?’, but in a more subtle way than you would think. Instead of abandoning their hard rock roots, they’ve opted for something slightly lighter, yet still hard-hitting and loud.

Lead singer Kyle Nicolaides certainly doesn’t shy away from the band’s transitioning sound, mainly due to the opening line of the first track. ‘Muthafucka’ begins with “Muthafucka, I’m back from the dead / I’m about to raise hell / Out of my coma / I’m ready to show you that season of my life is done.” It’s clear to see from the first song alone that Beware Of Darkness are back with some of their strongest material to date.

There’s definitely a sexier and free-flowing vibe to this album, which is extremely prevalent in ‘Blood, Sex, Violence & Murder’. The fusion of hard-hitting choruses, mellow bridges, and ever-changing vocal styles ensures the listener is paying full attention from start-to-end.

Title track ‘Are You Real?’ is full of electronic beats and mellow vocals, giving it an almost psychedelic feel. The opening guitar riff is extremely powerful, and it’s almost impossible to predict exactly what Beware Of Darkness are going to do next. With so many predictable bands on the rock scene at the moment, it’s refreshing to be constantly kept on your toes.

After so many thunderous rock tracks, it feels almost cathartic to hear final track ‘Delirium’. The haunting and melodic nature of the song is a stark contrast to a majority of the songs on the record. However, it would be hard to criticise this stunning song.

Beware Of Darkness have created an album full of seductive and almost grungy sounding songs, which will excite both rock and alternative fans alike.

Written by Julia Conopo (@JuliaConopo)



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