NEWS: Bryan Stars releases apology video following My Digital Escape controversy!

Popular YouTuber and internet personality Bryan Stars recently issued an apology video via his official YouTube channel in response to recent controversy and backlash regarding his plans and intentions to re-launch My Digital Escape – collaborative YouTube comedy channel that initially launched earlier this year that eventually disbanded in May 2016.

Following news that the channel would re-launch, referred to as My Digital Escape 2.0, with a completely different cast of fellow YouTubers aside from Stars, original members of the channel began taking to YouTube and Twitter, uploading videos detailing some of Stars‘ activities and controversial behaviour whilst the group was running. Confession videos from the members who spoke out, including Johnnie Guilbert and Alex Dorame, can be viewed here here.

You can watch Bryan Stars‘ apology video in an effort to address these concerns and claims below:

The above video, however, was a second take of an apology. Stars initially released a different apology video slightly earlier that same day. A downloaded and re-uploaded version of that original apology video can be viewed here.

Other YouTubers and musicians within the rock/punk/metal scene have spoken out about this, including one from Jon of ARTV, who outlines the events in a little more detail. You can view his video here.



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