Fuzzy 90s influenced boys Furr are busy getting ready to release their brand new single ‘Padlocks’ but not before they introduce themselves by each of the band picking out an album that’s influenced them and a collective record to represent Furr as whole. If you’re into Weezer and Queens Of The Stone Age then you’ll want to get your ears round the new DIY band who aren’t afraid to add pop melodies to their rough and growling interior.


As chosen by John (Drums)

This is one album I think I’ll struggle to ever wear thin. It came along as something outside what was of expected of the genre at the time and the songwriting feels honest and thought out, while keeping a raw energy about it. The vocals and guitars are dramatic and melodic but that punky aggressive energy is still there. The guitar tones are some of the best I can think of and I could happily enjoy listening to the drum track alone. It’s just a gem in the CD collection as much for exciting and satisfying riffs as for inspiring songwriting arrangements.


As chosen by Jack (Vocals/Guitar)

While not an album that necessarily influences Furr directly, this is one that I’ve not stopped listening to since it was released. Spoon have always been a band that are great at classic songwriting, and this album showcases that talent incredibly well. The whole record is full of cohesive, complex arrangements, yet the songs are remarkably simple. The production is also amazing, due in part to working with the same producers that often with with The Flaming Lips. The bass tone on the opening track is frankly ridiculous, and there are countless moments throughout that inspire me to try to create a record that sounds this incredible


As chosen by Guy (Bass)

This album kicks off with one of my favourite instrumental songs, ‘Bulletproof Cupid’. A full on guitar song which sets the tone for the rest of the album. Great lyrics and amazing vocal hooks in songs like ‘The Bitter End’, ‘This Picture’ and ‘Special Needs’ always get me singing along. But the title track ‘Sleeping with Ghosts’ which is haunting and eery is the reason that I’ve kept listening to this album again and again. It really is a lesson on how to build the energy in a song.


As chosen by Sam (Backing Vocals/Guitar)

I love this album! I think it’s a band sounding exactly how they want to sound like and not worrying about what else is going on in the musical world. To me it still sounds new and fresh even compared to a lot of modern rock because they weren’t chasing a sound, they were making a sound! It’s one of those albums that just flows. I love the way ‘Doll’ lulls you into a false sense of security before ‘Monkey Wrench’ punches you in the face. I like how ‘Wind Up’ has that bridge that subtly fucks with the timing and you never realise and who doesn’t want to pogo to ‘Enough Space’? It also mixes it up a bit, softer tracks like ‘February Stars’ make the louder songs louder because it’s not a loud, if that makes sense? If I’m ever feeling down about something I’ll put this album on and go for a walk, by the time ‘New Way Home’ finishes I’m happy. Then the bonus track plays.


As chosen by Furr

Collectively we’ve chosen this album. It represents the band at a specific time so well. Artistically there were no limits, they mix it up. Most of the songs sound like they could be by different bands but there’s a common thread kind of tying it all together and you just know it’s Queens of the Stone Age. It’s heavy, it’s nice, it’s loud, it’s quiet, it’s sweet, it’s nasty but as soon as you put on ‘Feel Good Hit of the Summer’ and that riff starts playing you know what you’re in for! One of the best albums of the last twenty years, period.

Furr‘s brand new single ‘Padlocks’ is out on October 14th via Riff Pop Records, and you can listen to it via Soundcloud (here). Make sure you follow the band on online via Facebook (here).