EP: Brave Vultures – I’m Not Coming Back If You’re Not Here

Release Date: September 16th 2016
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.bravevultures.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bravevultures
Twitter: www.twitter.com/bravevultures


When you’re creating your debut EP, you want the first track to catch everyone’s interest from the get go. How do you do that exactly? Well, you could always follow in Brave Vultures‘ footsteps and use a quote from Family Guy. The first thing that you hear when listening to ‘I’m Not Coming Back If You’re Not Here’ is “Turn it on and rip the knob off”, which is a sure-fire way to capture peoples’ attention.

Cartoon references aside, the Halsted based emo rockers are certainly onto a winner with opening track ‘This Is Where I Wanna Be’. The chorus itself is ridiculously catchy and full of “woah”s, which makes it almost impossible not to sing along. There’s definitely a punk element to this song due to the fast-paced nature and hard-edged melodies.

One of the most impressive tracks on the EP is ‘Safe Ground’, which certainly shows off the band’s softer side. There’s an almost reminiscent vibe to this song, which features some pretty heartfelt lyrics: “You and me could have been something; side-by-side could achieve anything.” Dom Littler‘s vocal style is stunning, and it’s hard to ignore all of the emotion that has been squeezed into this song.

Brave Vultures have used their debut EP to prove that they are more than just one-trick ponies. They’ve nailed the fast-paced songs, the emotional slow songs, and the somewhere inbetween songs. Their energy is almost contagious and, as cliché as it sounds, Brave Vultures are definitely a band to look out for.

Written by Julia Conopo (@juliaconopo)



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