EP: Breathe In The Silence – Hold My Heart

Release Date: September 2nd 2016
Label: Crooked Noise Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/breatheinthesilence
Twitter: www.twitter.com/official_bits


Welsh post-hardcore (or, Valleycore as they like to call themselves) outfit Breathe In The Silence have steadily been making a name for themselves across the scene in the past couple of years, and now they’ve hit us with a stormer of an EP, ‘Hold My Heart’.

The title-track and EP opener ‘Hold My Heart’ starts things off with lots of atmospheric guitars and distant sounding drums, and then in comes some beautiful vocal work by frontman, Adamross Williams. Thankfully, these factors stay throughout the entire track, and it’s evident that the record as a whole portrays a theme of a lost love, especially this track, where the lyrics that stand out most are “you will always hold my heart.”

Soon after, we’re plunged into this huge post-hardcore behemoth of a track, ‘Promised Lands’, which holds a far more prominent ‘rocky’ factor to it, along with a huge breakdown which has Williams showing us his vocal talents once more along with some gritty screams.

The rest of the EP’s sound is reminiscent to bands such as Proceed and early Deaf Havana, which isn’t a bad trait to have at all. All in all, ‘Hold My Heart’ certainly showcases that Breathe In The Silence have a bright future ahead of them.

Written by Callum Griffin (@calgriffinn)