ALBUM: With Confidence – Better Weather

Release Date: June 17th 2016
Label: Hopeless Records


Australian pop-punk outfit With Confidence have had a busy year so far; they’ve signed with Hopeless Records, toured the UK with As It Is, made an appearance at Slam Dunk Festival, and, of course, have now released their debut album, ‘Better Weather’.

Do you love Harry Potter and pop-punk music? If so, then you’ll certainly like opening track ‘Voldemort’. Rather than being about Potter and his pals’ mischief at Hogwarts, this song is actually used as a metaphor for mental illness, as the fear of a word often increases the fear of the issue itself. The happy-go-lucky anthem is the perfect introduction to both the record and With Confidence themselves.

Although many songs across the pop-punk genre deal with regret, With Confidence have added another thought provoking addition to this list with ‘Keys’, “I keep thinking of you, without you I am bare / You’re the reason I’m still here and now you’re gone.” It really is hard to criticise any aspect of their sound – the lyrical content, vocals, and, of course, the guitar riffs and drumming are all second to none.

‘Long Night’ is one of the slowest songs on the record, but the passion and drive is definitely still there. The gentle piano and orchestral sounds should be relaxing, but paired with the heartfelt lyrics it’s hard to listen to this song without feeling something.

So many bands nowadays are described as “hardworking”, but With Confidence have actually earned this description. Since forming in 2012, the Sydney based quartet have achieved so much, and it’s clear from this stunning debut album that they’ll continue onto even bigger and better things.

Written by Julia Conopo (@JuliaConopo)