EP: Away Days – Away Days

Release Date: May 6th 2016
Label: Speaking Tongues
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/awaydaysband
Twitter: www.twitter.com/awaydaysband


After Blitz Kids announced their break up back in July of last year, it was unclear what the future held for the Cheshire based alt rockers. If you’re wondering what Jono Yates, Matt Freer, and Nic Montgomery are currently up to, the answer is: Away Days. Describing themselves as “punk rock past its sell by date”, this is not just a Blitz Kids revival.

Musically, ‘Messiah’ sounds like a happy-go-lucky punk rock song. However, the lyrics completely contradict this, “I am so scared of this man that I have become / I set myself for failure in everything I have ever done.”

One of the EP’s highlights is ‘I Look Alright (But I’m Not)’; a beautiful acoustic track which demonstrates how easy it is to hide your true emotions. The simplicity of the song allows the lyrical content to truly stand out whilst still sounding incredible.

The trio’s self-titled EP and debut outing is almost cathartic. It’s clear that Jono and co. have been holding in a lot of emotions after the whirlwind year that they’ve had. Despite what’s happened, it’s clear that Away Days are full of energy, and have been able to make a positive impact in these four tracks.

Written by Julia Conopo (@juliaconopo)



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