FEATURE: Everything there is to know about My Chemical Romance’s hinted reunion!

Yesterday (July 20th 2016), the emo world – and maybe the internet too – almost imploded because of My Chemical Romance. The New Jersey outfit, who parted ways back on March 22nd 2013, posted a short video on their social media platforms, and it was probably the biggest activity to come from the band officially since they threw in the towel.

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably already seen the video and know exactly what we’re talking about. However, just incase, or if you just wanted to see it again, here it is.

Within seconds of the above clip dropping, assumptions of the band getting back together flew across all corners of the worldwide web; fans praying that now they will finally be reunited with the ring leaders of the black parade.

Now, before we sink our teeth into this and get into the thick of what might be going on, let’s take a quick look back at what life post-MCR has been for the band.

Since they parted ways, fans have seemingly never truly stopped mourning their loss, but members of the band went on to do their own things, and, if ever approached by a fan when they suspected that a MCR reunion was on the cards, the speculation was pretty quickly shot down.

At one point, the band’s Twitter account was also hacked, with tweets back then hinting at a return. This was soon addressed by frontman, Gerard Way.

Still, despite stepping away from MCR, all of the members continued onwards down the path of music.

Vocalist Gerard Way ventured into a solo career, releasing his debut album ‘Hesitant Alien’ in 2014. His brother and the band’s bassist, Mikey Way, formed the rock duo Electric Century, who dropped their debut LP ‘For The Night To Control’ back in February. Lead guitarist Ray Toro released a few solo tracks here and there, most recently ‘Hope For The World’ earlier this year.

Fellow axe-man Frank Iero was the most active after the band. He also opted to release some solo material, along with a solo album under the moniker frnkiero andthe cellabration in 2014 called ‘Stomachaches’. More recently he revived Death Spells, a digital hardcore project that was put on hold in 2013 that he formed with James Dewees of The Get Up Kids. They’re expected to drop an album on July 29th 2016, titled ‘Nothing Above, Nothing Below’.

Now that we’re all up-to-date, let’s return to the video and look into the question we’re all asking: What does it mean?

There are three main components to the video that was posted; the music, the image, and the text.

The music is a piano rendition of the intro for ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’; the lead single of their 2006 record ‘The Black Parade’, and undoubtedly one of the band’s flagship songs of their entire career. On its own, the music is what it is.

Moving onto the image is where things begin to unravel much further. In the video, we see a white flag waving, displaying the symbol of a medieval cross known as the Cross Fleury. This is said to represent both the Holy Trinity within the Christian faith, as well as the idea of resurrection. What kind of resurrection, though?

The release of the video was also accompanied with an update of the profile images of their social media accounts, with the Cross Fleury also being accompanied with four characters.

Within the four sectors of the cross, it displays “MCRX”. MCR is obviously the name of the band, but the X is what needs to be focused on. In Roman numerals, X is the symbol for the number ten. It just so happens that their album ‘The Black Parade’ turns ten this year, and this is going to tie in a little more with the text.

Now, the only text displayed in the video is a date at the end. That date is 9/23/16, or September 23rd 2016. This just happens to be exactly one month before October 23rd 2016, which would be the exact ten year anniversary of the release of their third and most prolific record, ‘The Black Parade’.

Yep. It’s pretty obvious that whatever is brewing in the My Chemical Romance camp at the moment is undoubtedly related to their album ‘The Black Parade’. The rock opera is easily their biggest record, they toured the world for years from it, and its theatrics helped make it a storming success and the epitome of emo culture in that decade. There’s no reason why they wouldn’t want to celebrate its ten year milestone.

But, what are the possibilities? These are the few options of what we think could be going down very soon.

It’s the least strenuous and by extension probably most likely, especially as the party line right now is that’s what’s happening. However, in saying that, this seems to be too big already for it to just be this. The band have already released a deluxe edition of the record with several bonus tracks, they released a b-sides EP, and a live album from the world tour.

Sure, they could scrape together any other cuts that didn’t make the record, add a few more rare snippets from that period into a package, or even just revise the artwork, but that all seems a bit lazy. Also, why would they tease and build that up for as long as over two months?

A one-off show here and there seems very possible, and if it’s just the one then it’s likely to be in the band’s home of New Jersey. They could bring out the black marching uniforms, the grand theatrics and spectacles, and bring something really special to the table.

They might even make it into a tour, though that could be limited to just North America if they want to keep things minimal. Then, once it is all wrapped up, they’ll close the book on MCR for good and return once more to their current projects.

Looking on their website and clicking on the tour section (here), there are no dates that are currently listed. However, it does include (at least at the time of writing) the message “Check back soon for more details on the upcoming tour.” This could just still be present from when the band were still active and that they haven’t bothered to remove it. Or, could it be a clumsy (or maybe even a deliberate) mistake?

This, of course, is the least likely thing that could come of this huge wave of speculation, though the thing that fans want the most. My Chemical Romance may return fully active again, touring as they were before, and maybe even bringing out some new music to feed our ears in the months to come.

Sure, the members might reject all of the above ponderings for the weeks to come before the big announcement is made and the curtains fall on this surprise, they even posted one today (here) stating that they “are not touring and there is no reunion planned – only a release for the anniversary of The Black Parade.” Why would they admit what they were doing less than 24 hours after beginning to build the hype?

But, remember that this isn’t the first time that this has happened, and the speculations were right all along. Members of Fall Out Boy flat out refused that a return was happening just a couple of weeks before they began flooding our radios again with ‘My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up)’. Since then, they’ve toured the world and released two full-length records and a remix album.

Either way, until September 23rd 2016 comes, speculation is all that we’ll have.