TRACK-BY-TRACK: River Becomes Ocean – December

After the success of their first EP ‘The World Around Me’ saw River Becomes Ocean travel the continent and share stages with Silverstein, Funeral For A Friend and The Qemists, the Brighton boys are back with their follow-up ‘December’ as they look to continue on the potential they showed in 2014.

Vocalist Marvin McMahon said about the release, “The songs each have the influence of our individual feelings. We used this negative energy in the most positive way possible and produced these songs which encompass our passion, drive and heartache. We could not be more proud of this release, seeing as it’s a new chapter for River Becomes Ocean, releasing all the negativity we felt and replacing it with the positivity we now experience on a daily basis right now.”

Take a look at what the band had to say about every song with their step-by-step guide to their brand new EP, ‘December’.

The EP was written under really strict and tight deadlines, as we wanted to re-write the whole thing when our former bassist left. We wanted to start from scratch, therefore the overall theme had a big influence on how the songs developed.

01.) WE WILL
‘We Will’ is a really positive song, no matter what happens, we won’t give up, we will still be there, we hold the future in our own hands. The arena rock like production is speaking for itself there. We wanted to make it sound as huge as possible.

02.) LIES
‘Lies’ is probably our poppiest approach, with Imogen Heap like vocoders and a lot of synth-beats and layers. Lyrically, the story moves on from not being so strong anymore, but facing the reality. The fight is over, but it is still hard to cope with the loss of this person and/or situation.

03.) SEVEN
Our lead single ‘Seven’ is a further development and probably the angriest song we have written so far. We come to grips with what happened in the previous songs, and just want to get our anger out.

Fun fact is, we always wanted to have a kids choir in one of our songs, now we not only have that, but with Daisy also an amazing young vocalist, you gives the song a vulnerable, eerie touch in between all the heavy riffing and marching drums.

‘Buried At Sea’ is the band’s favourite track. It’s a headbanger, a jumper, and is so much fun to play live. The whole song plays with metaphors. The anger is not in the foreground anymore, but the self-realisation on how the whole situation influenced the protagonist is apparent.

05.) FOR NOW
With the closing song ‘For Now’, we pour oil on troubled water. It’s a soft, simple ballad featuring Zoe Waugh as a guest vocalist, dueting with Marvin at the end. Again, we always wanted to have a female counterpart in one of the songs and found a great match with Zoe’s voice. It’s a ‘goodbye for now’ thematically, leaving room for what’s to come next in our and the protagonist’s life.

‘December’ is out now, and you can order it online digitally via iTunes (here)

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