NEWS: Fearless Vampire Killers decide to call it a day!

British goth punk favourites Fearless Vampire Killers have regrettably announced that they are to part ways. This news follows up from co-vocalist Kier Kemp deciding to step down from the group.

The band announced the news of their decision to disband via Facebook, though they assured fans that they will return to create music in some other capacity, but they first “will need time to rebuild and reflect.”

You can read the full statement that the band published via their official Facebook page below:

“A difficult announcement. Last Friday, Kier announced that he was leaving FVK. This revelation was greeted with shock, disappointment, and heartbreak as we have given our lives to this band and the idea of giving up was completely alien to us. However, over the weekend we have struggled to find the answer to this unfortunate situation, and we have come to the conclusion that it would be wrong to continue this band without Kier by our side.

Please note that this decision was not an easy one for Kier to make, but the alternative would be him continuing something that he no longer passionately connects with – which is not good for him, you or us. He apologises for any upset this may cause and is available in all the usual places if anyone has any questions or would like to talk more about it.

FVK has always been more than just a name, and no one is disappearing – the remaining members of FVK will not abandon our musical union, but we will need time to rebuild and reflect. Music has always been our passion, and the idea of doing it without our friends seems absurd. We – Laurence, Luke, Shane and Drew – will certainly continue to make music together; though the specifics of this are uncertain. We would also like to wish our friend Kier the best of luck in his future endeavours.

The Obsidian Bond will actively remain a place for the open and creative minded, and you to maintain the community that acted as FVK’s driving force for many years.

To our fans we apologise wholeheartedly, this is not the ending we chose, but our hands have been forced. All we can say is thank you for your support, and please remember our music lives on forever, and that the creative force behind FVK will return. Speak soon.”

At this stage, the band have not officially confirmed if any of their already scheduled live performances, including sets at this year’s Reading & Leeds Festival weekend, will still be going ahead as planned.

News on the band and their future projects will be confirmed as and when they develop.



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