NEWS: Servers announce new album ‘Everything Is OK’, out August 19th!

UK progressive rock crew Servers have detailed the forthcoming release of their new full length record ‘Everything Is OK’.

Set to be released on August 19th through Undergroove Records, the album follows their 2014 debut ‘Leave With Us’, and you can find the artwork and tracklist below:

01.) Spells
02.) My Friends Are Enemies
03.) To Hell With You
04.) Unconditional
05.) Our Lady of Bad Counsel
06.) Codes
07.) I Will Make You
08.) Recklessly Extravagant
09.) Bodies in the Ground
10.) Into the Grave

Comments bassist Lee Wilde; ‘For this album we wanted to take the whole Servers concept to the next level, deeper and darker. There’s still the cult insight behind the songs but we tried to get deeper into the minds of those that operate in cults and look at the largest cults of all, like the mainstream media and organised religion in all its forms, looking at how they affect our everyday lives. There’s a darkness there, a sinister shadow in the background and we’re force fed that everything is ok and that it’s all going to work out in the end. Our view is that people need to wake up to this, to stop believing all the propaganda they are fed and as Servers we can show we are aware and look for the answers together’.

You can catch them promoting the new record at the following shows.