ALBUM: Astronautalis – Cut The Body Loose

Release Date: May 13th 2016
Label: SideOneDummy


The main question to be asked is on a website that generalises in rock, punk, and metal music is: where does rapper Astronautalis fit in? Truth be told, he doesn’t, but to compare him to every other rapper would be underselling him completely. So, where does he fit? Truth be told, he makes music which is quite simply a world of the bizarre, a world of the macabre all fitting around a strong political stance. Truth be told, Astronautalis is a punk first and foremost, and a rapper second.

The use of other genres is strong on ‘Cut The Body Loose’, with a lot of brass being the key central point to his music. ‘Attila Ambrus’ rocks like it’s a full on ska and 2-tone track, including his rap style on this section. Imagine a more urban version of The Specials and it can be easy to see his influences go far and beyond the call of most rappers.

‘In The Tall Grass’ introduces an acoustic guitar into the mix, and goes into quite dark and moody territories, and is quite reminiscent to the likes of Rob Zombie and his House Of 1,000 Corpses style material. Dark and gritty are the key themes on this track and for this factor alone Cut The Body Loose is an album which is worth investing some time into.

Lizzo, a fellow rapper, also makes an appearance on this record on its closing track, ‘Boiled Peanuts’. The use of her voice acts as a sense of beauty against the shouting that Astronautalis performs over it can only be described as a seven minute epic. Though at times cringey and often funny, it’s easy to see the charm and presence that Astronautalis has carved out and brought to the table.

The lyrics within this album go from the political, to the absurd, to the offensive, but that’s all a part of the appeal. Astronautalis is showing that he can do things his way and he commands the music, and ‘Cut The Body Loose’ is a brilliant slab of politically charged and inspired rap.

Written by Bradley Cassidy (@bradcassidy170)