NEWS: Ingested sign to Unique Leader Records!

Mancunian death metal crew Ingested have inked a new deal with Unique Leader Records.

The band, who will join the likes of Cannibal Corpse. Nile, Suffocation and After The Burial on the U.S based Summer Slaughter Tour later this year, announced the news with a statement via their Facebook page, which you can read below:

‘If you haven’t heard the good news in the Ingested camp by now then here it is!

We have officially inked a deal with Unique Leader Records to release our next album, UL has an immense current/back catalogue sporting bands such as Rings of Saturn, Abominable Putridity, The Zenith Passage and releasing albums from bands such as Fallujah, Hour Of Penance, Decrepit Birth and Psycroptic.

We are in safe hands for the foreseeable future, so expect our most accomplished material to date when we debut our next album!’

The band will release their new, and debut for Unique Leader, record later this year.