ALBUM: Pierce The Veil – Misadventures

NEWS: Pierce The Veil detail upcoming new album, 'Misadventures'!
Pierce The Veil have confirmed the details of their highly anticipated new LP 'Misadventures', which is set to drop on May 13th via Fearless Records.

Release Date: May 13th 2016
Label: Fearless Records


A four year long wait for any band to release a new record is a near excruciating one for a fan, especially with the dedicated and almost wholly die-hard fan base that Pierce The Veil have garnered. The fact that it follows ‘Collide With The Sky’, a record that saw the band’s popularity catapult and, not only collide, but smash through the sky of their success that preceded it, has made ‘Misadventures’ all the more of an anticipated release.

The band have largely chalked up the wait due to the heavy touring off the back of the last record, explaining that the album’s title represents their lives over the past few years; the different steps taken, places where they wrote, recorded, and lived through its creation. They’ve also largely expressed that with each record they aim to set the bar higher and higher for themselves, but sadly, ‘Misadventures’ fails to break the status quo.

Indeed, the qualities that we’ve become accustomed to with Pierce The Veil as a band are still here in heaps. The razor sharp and stellar guitar lines are laced throughout, with ‘Today I Saw The Whole World’ being a notable presentation of this, and axe-wielders Vic Fuentes and Tony Perry don’t step down from displaying their fret board wizardry.

‘Dive In’ is also a very pumped up opener, following track ‘Texas Is Forever’ proves that they’ve still got a knack for blending melody and heaviness with ease, the slight 80s electronica that ebbs and weaves in ‘Gold Medal Ribbon’ is evidence they’ve explored some new territory, and throughout the record Mike Fuentes shows us that he’s still an absolute animal behind the kit.

But, everything just seems incredibly safe, and that a lot of the time we’re not only treading water, but the water that is being tread is more sterile than what we’ve weaved through on their past efforts. Final number ‘Song For Isabelle’, though an enjoyable listen, is something we’ve heard Pierce The Veil do time and time before but better, and ‘Phantom Power And Ludicrous Speed’ sounds overly conventional considering what we know the San Diego outfit are capable of.

‘Circles’ is a surprising turn for Pierce The Veil. Instrumentally this easily stands as one of the band’s most simplistic releases in their career, and has a somewhat Jimmy Eat World vibe to it. If anything, it proves that sometimes less is more, and will no doubt be filling rock clubs and getting the crowds jumping all night.

Considering the set expectations of what the band is capable of and what they state they set for themselves, along with the longest wait that we’ve had between records thus far, and the hype off their previous record on top of that, album number four falls more than shy from the mark. Instead of meeting the bar with ‘Misadventures’, the band are regularly limboing underneath it throughout most of these 11 tracks.

Written by Zach Redrup (@zachredrup)



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