Bournemouth newcomers Griever have played shows with the best the world has to offer metalcore, and it’s rare that you’ll see them off of a stage these days with relentless touring around the continent. The band are gearing up to release their brand new EP ‘Soul Searcher’ at the end of the month, but naturally managed to squeeze in a tour of the UK beforehand, and we got front dude David Seymour to full us in what went on throughout.

PLYMOUTH, The Junction (07/04/16)

Day one of tour kicked off with a headline show in Plymouth. A cosy venue with great sound, great staff and free pool. What’s not to love, right? We met the Dead XIII guys for the first time (they’re lovely fyi) and watched them decimate the stage. Onwards to Derby for our second headline show!

DERBY, Victoria Inn (08/04/16)

Day two started with a long ass drive through the night to get up North. We busted out some old school FIFA in the van to pass the time and arrived in Derby nice and early. Another great venue! Awesome stage this time, plenty of room for movement. Shout-out to our favourite Northerners Alan & Mark for their hospitality as always. A hot and sweaty show ensued and we all chilled afterwards with a few beers & some Fireball whisky (of course).

MANCHESTER, Factory 251 (09/04/16)

Day three saw us hit Manchester for the first time. We enjoyed a nice mooch around the city and tasted some of the finest local delicacies at ye olde Wetherspoons. ANOTHER GREAT VENUE! Huge stage and an absolute maze of a backstage. Such an awesome crowd and it was truly lovely to meet so many friendly people after the show.

LEEDS, Milo Bar (10/04/16)

Day four and we return to Leeds. Not much to say about the city of Leeds I’m afraid… The show was great though and once again we were treated to some magnificent local cuisine at McDonald’s after an absolute sweatfest.

GLASGOW, Shadow Sound (11/04/16)

Griever go continental on Day five as we lay waste to Glasgow for the first time. A nice stop off in a few beautiful service stations rejuvenates us all and gives us an opportunity to dry our crusty stage clothes in the sun. Glasgow is an interesting city full of very interesting people. Moving on.. the venue is truly bizarre but actually very cool. A big floor space which sees some of the best mosh pits of the tour unleashed during our set.

NEWCASTLE, Think Tank (12/04/16)

Day six began in traditional Griever style; a quick slash at the side of the motorway before finishing the drive to the beautiful city of Newcastle. We had some big plans to explore the city but alas, the skies have opened and we scupper our original ideas and hit a local museum instead (rock’n’roll). Once again we are treated to another magnificent venue with a huge backstage, incredible sound and another fantastic turnout. We were keen to experience some of the Toon’s nightlife but a monster drive London had to take priority.

LONDON, O2 Academy2 Islington (13/04/16)

We awake on day seven to the sound of our driver Simon cursing and turning the van upside down looking for the steering wheel lock keys. If you’ve ever had to break a steering wheel lock with a screwdriver you’ll appreciated what an utter ballache it is. But our bassist Duncan (asbo) comes to the rescue and ensures we can finish off the tour without being towed by the AA.
The O2 Academy2 is a phenomenal venue and as we arrive in the loading area we see a small band loading in their gear from their tourbus. IT’S ONLY BLOODY OVERKILL GOD DAMN YOU. London is always special for Griever and so many wonderful friends turned up to support us. We hit the stage late but the crowd shows no sign of fatigue; some monstrous moshpits open up and we love every minute we are up in front of the lights. Many beers were had after our set and we said our goodbyes to our new friends in the Dead XIII.

We are eternally grateful to those guys for bringing us out on this tour and giving us the opportunity to play to an all new fanbase.

Griever‘s brand new EP ‘Soul Searcher’ is out on May 27th 2016, and you can pre-order it from (iTunes).
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