NEWS: The Number 12 Looks Like You are teasing something (reunion?)!

Having laid almost completely dormant since their final show in 2010, New Jersey based mathcore favourites The Number 12 Looks Like You are teasing something at the moment, which looks like it could be a potential reunion, or at least a one-off show.

Via their Facebook page, the band have posted a cryptic image that has fans questioning the meaning. You can check out the posted image below:

Along with a band logo, the image also lists seven different songs in the band’s catalogue from all of their full-length records, which is also accompanied with the date of 05/19/2016 and the location of Kingston, NY at the side. This has been speculated to be either a set list for a one-off show on said date at said location, and/or (due to the way it has been styled) the release of a cassette tape recording.

The band played their final show together on January 29th 2010.

Further news confirming what this all means will be confirmed as and when it develops.