VIDEO: Kadavar – Pale Blue Eyes

Stoner metal troupe Kadavar have released a video for their new single titled ‘Pale Blue Eyes’, which is included on their latest record ‘Berlin’, available through Nuclear Blast Records. Check it out below:

The band have issued the following statement on the song; ‘We wrote the song Pale Blue Eyes after visiting the Salton Sea on our first trip through the United States, playing the stage of the infamous ‘Range’ at the Slab City Prom 2013,” says frontman Christoph “Lupus” Lindemann. “Slab City or ‘The Slabs’ is a snowbird campsite in the Californian Sonora Desert 156 miles northeast of San Diego, where RV-people, outlaws and squatters from across North America formed a wild and lawless ‘city’ from debris around the famous and colorful Salvation Mountain built by Leonard Knight in the 1980s. There are no rules in the slabs (besides ‘Don’t be an asshole’) and during one of those memorable Slab City nights, we found ourselves dancing around

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the fire alongside this wild desert bunch, dressed in discarded ball gowns and watching the sunrise from atop the Salvation Mountain. This song, an ode to ‘a mysterious lady with pale blue eyes’, is actually about cross-dressing drummer Tiger in his purple dress, looking so fine…’