NEWS: Mutiny Within begin working on a new EP!

UK/New Jersey metal act Mutiny Within have confirmed that they have begun work on a brand new EP, with demoing now taking place. You can check out what vocalist Chris Clancy had to say below:

‘AJ and I have been talking a lot about new music recently. We’ve been trying to make time to do a full album but it just seems unrealistic in the near future as we just don’t have the time to make it as good as we want it to be… And we won’t release something half assed. So, would you guys settle for an EP?!

Things have been so quiet and we know that. Behind the scenes, the band has taken a backseat to getting our individual lives on track, work and new bands. I’m currently working on a new Wearing Scars album, a heavy band with Jason Bowld and trying to pay the bills through my company Chris Clancy – AudioWorks. But you guys have stuck with us through everything so we’re going to get an EP written and recorded. We’ll start posting updates as they come with some videos and other good stuff. There’s no release date in mind, just whenever we have a minute we’ll work towards it’.

A clip of new material can be heard at their Facebook page.